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My 1st Ever Mock

I think we'll re-sign Delanie Walker, and sign someone from FA to add to the rotation at DE, maybe Cullen Jenkins, Richard Seymour, etc. I also think we end up staying where we're at with our first 2 picks but moving around a lot in the middle rounds starting with our original 2nd rounder. Everyone let me know what you think.

1 - Xavier Rhodes CB Florida St
2 - John Jenkins NT Georgia
2 - Quinton Patton WR LA Tech (49ers trade their own pick in the 2nd as well as #74 from Carolina to get somewhere around the mid 40's)
3 - Eric Reid S LSU (49ers trade their own 3rd, 4th, and 6th to move up to top of the 3rd round)
5 - Matt Scott QB Arizona
5 - John Simon DE/OLB Ohio St.
6 - Dustin Hopkins K Florida St.
6 - Mark Harrison WR Rutgers
6 - A.J. Klein ILB Iowa St.

I'll leave the 7th round out because I really don't know of anyone else that I like projected to go that late.
Whoops I gues they wouldn't have 3 6th round picks if they traded theirs. I guess I would move Klein to the 7th.
Eric Reid will be a mid first to high second rounder.
I wish Rhodes would fall to us but he is a legit top 15. But your everything after is really solid
Originally posted by btthepunk:
Eric Reid will be a mid first to high second rounder.

Ummm no. Late second at best. He really isn't that good
If Rhodes and Reid pan out we could be set in the secondary for the next 5 years.
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