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What CB would you pick at #31?

What CB would you pick at #31?

Slay is a big time sleeper just watch tape.
Originally posted by 60sfan:
The answer is, Do not pick a CB with our first pick. Pick a potential beast at DE/DT

Originally posted by eonblue:
I guess you did. I would just like to know what pass rushing beast you would be picking at 31st.

This. I hate when people say "don't take a cornerback, we need a Justin Smith at Pick 31."
Now that we have another pick a couple slots down, if the top DLs and WRs are gone and we don't pick Trufant should he be available, I will set a new olympic record in the television put. Potential absolute lock down. He's looked way too good in every field drill and practice since the season to pass up under those circumstances. I think other GMs agree and he'll be gone.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Jonathan Banks or David Amerson, cause Desmond Trufant most likely won't be there.

I've watched a couple of games on Amerson. The Clemson game he was heads Deandre Hopkins. He got burned for a 60yrd td. He almost got burned again because hr doesn't turn his head in coverage. If he doesn't locate the ball before he makes a plays he going to get a PI. If some of the throw were better he would've gave up a lot more. I simply don't see it. Maybe it was just a bad game. I would welcome some good footage to prove me wrong because at this point I cringe when I see this guy mocked.
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Originally posted by kronik:
I rather take Slay in the 2nd

+ 1
We're getting Revis.
1) Rhodes
2) Trufant
3) Banks

I seriously doubt the first two will be there at 31 and there is a good chance all will be gone
Xavier Rhodes, he is the big fast press corner we need.
Honey Badger in the 3rd round.

Slay in the 2nd would also be nice.
BPA, Rhodes scares me a little with his not doing the drills that show lateral agility. You show up to the combine to compete, not select what drills you want to compete in. Could of been injury, could of been agent, still a big red flag for a first round pick.
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I can see trufant being the pick at 31, he's a totally harbaugh guy with the way he always wants to challenge and compete.
Originally posted by Wrathman:
Honey Badger in the 3rd round.

4th gets a strong maybe from me.
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