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Tico's 1st Mock of the season O.O

One trade Mock

SF #31, #93 for Indy #24, 2014 5th rdr
Indy only has five picks this draft so they get an extra third n we get another later pick for 2014. With that new 3-4 D, they need more pieces.

1st #24) Tavon Austin, WR/KR/PR - W. Virginia
I know I know...for a diminutive WR and in the first round?! Yes sir! especially since he would be a 4-down player. Impact is immediate @ Flanker, Split-end and Slot and backfield. In addition, he's a KR AND a PR. Knowing he's a threat to score almost ea time he touches the ball, we jump in front of many teams looking to nab him. Imagine what this kid can do along side LMJ in the Pistol or in traditional slot. He just the explosive playmaker to make our offense so much more dynamic and threatening. Heck, we saw what Cobb did to us @ GB and Austin is soooo much faster and better. We now have our very own Harvin.

2nd #34) Margus Hunt, DE - SMU
Shot up boards due to his performance at the combine, but still raw like Aldon when he came out. Under Tomsula, he would be molded to eventually succeed J. Smith, but would be used in rotation w McD/Cowboy n on nickle situations. Flashes dominance, but still inconsistent. Still, the upside is very very high on this kid.

2nd #61) Brandon Williams, NT - Missouri Southern
FINALLY!! We get a quality NT! He immediately upgrades and will win the starting base NT position. A mammoth w very quick feet and very strong violent hands. He has also played as UT and 5-tech as well providing us with some versatility. Both Hunt n Williams instantly upgrade RJF and Sopoaga.

3rd #74) Phillip Thomas, FS - Fresno St.
Tall n rangy w a swag about him. Played well @ Senior Bowl. Has great instincts and fluidity to cover center field. A natural play maker for four years as starter. He shows above average tackling n pop. Had injury w broken leg. Doesn't have elite top-end speed. Still, he has more instincts and mobility than Goldson.

4th) JJ Wilcox, SS Georgia Southern
4th) Marcus Lattimore, RB - S. Carolina
5th) Chase Thomas, OLB - Stanford
5th) Nick Kasa, TE - Colorado
6th) Eric Herman, OG - Ohio
6th) Steve Williams, CB – California
7th) Nicholas Williams, DT/DE - Samford
7th) Quinn Sharp, K/P – Oklahoma St
7th) Michael Williams, TE - Alabama
7th) Patrick Lonergran, C - LSU
UDFA Levine Toilolo, TE - Stanford

Players like Austin don't come around that often and I know it's another 1st rd WR, but he's so explosive for this offense and we need a returner as well. In terms of ROI, we would see immediate dividends as opposed to AJ who is still acclimating to the Pro level. We would use him as Cobb is being used @ GB. The mismatches alone from the backfield would be so fun to watch. As much as I want Jenkins, Williams would be a great pick for us as well given his versatility down the DL. He's definitely an upgrade from Ice and can be used immediately as our base NT. I have always like Thomas. He's a great center fielder n would compete immediately for the starting position also plays ST.

As far as the rest, depth and development.

Eh, it's a mock. Have a great day, Gentlemen of the Draft Zone.

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Like everything but the Hunt pick

Nice work!
I like it, but I'm not thrilled about taking a 26 year old rookie. I am also not sure if Philip Thomas will slide that far down the board.
Originally posted by lamontb:
Like everything but the Hunt pick

Originally posted by lamontb:
Like everything but the Hunt pick

Same. And there's no way Toilolo goes undrafted. To much potential.
Like this mock. you filled the secondary need with fast prospects. Also filled the DL needs but Hunt is too old and raw. Rather have Short from Purdue. Then you got the most electric playmaker I've seen CJ. Awesome draft. if I were to nitpick, I would replace a TE with an OLB or a big WR (unless they like Lockette alot more than we know).
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Lie i have been saying for awhile, No way Thomas falls to the third. He is a mid second rounder at the latest IMO.

Adding 3 TE's?

I think Walker ends up staying but even if he doesn't Celek looked like he had some potential, at least enough to be a solid #2.
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