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Sarppen's 2013 Offseason & Draft Mock 1.0


Let Walk/Released

Leonard Davis
Ted Ginn
Clark Haggans
David Akers - (no comment)
Randy Moss
Parys Haralson - (good player but salary used elsewhere)
Jonathan Goodwin - (good player but salary used elsewhere)
Isaac Sopoaga


Dashon Goldson - Franchise tag
Ricky Jean-Francois
Delanie Walker
Tavaris Gooden
Larry Grant

Alex Smith to KC for 2013 4th (unrealistic thinking we're getting a higher pick)

Free Agents

Dominique Cromartie-Rogers (Alex Smith savings)

Draft (Projected to get 3 comp picks, one 3rd and two later rounds, plus 4th from Alex Smith trade)

1 - Tavon Austin - WR West Virginia (a cheaper Percy Harvin...PERFECT fit to offense)
2 - Marcus Hunt - DE SMU - (Smith replacement in several years...high upside)
3 - Brandon Williams - DT Missouri Southern - (Day One starter)
3 - Brian Schwenke - C California - (present...replaces Goodwin...starts from Day One)
3 - (Comp) Eric Reid - S LSU - (future)
4 - (KC) Brandon Jenkins - LB Florida State - (injuries derailed his stock...great depth behind Brooks/Smith)
4 - Ace Sanders - WR South Carolina - (replaces Ginn)
5 - Matt Scott - QB Arizona - (backup QB and fits our system well)
5 - Dennis Johnson - RB Arkansas - (not a real need but love this kid)
6 - Marquis Wilson - WR Washington State - (one of my fav WR in the entire drat)
6 - Dustin Hopkins K Florida State - (best PK prospect)
6 - (Comp) Chris Gragg - TE Arkansas - (with Delanie Walker resigned this project can learn how to block)
7 - Terrance Brown - CB Stanford - (there had to be one Stanford player...big corner...average)
7 - Kenny Okoro - CB Wake Forest - (another corner...project)
7 - (Comp) TBD

I realize that most of these picks are just too predictable and therefore not going to happen. Baalke will surprise us all...
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Another one of these very unrealistic drafts. Too many players falling into late rounds that will go much earlier.
If Hunt replaced Smith in several years we would need to look for his replacement by then too since he would be in his 30's.

Williams and Reid will be going higher. Williams will probably be gone by our second pick and Reid may go in the first. Since you took Austin in the first and Wilson later I wouldn't take Sanders. Replace him with a Matthieu (start as a returner) or another corner.
Did I miss Eric Reid murdering someone?
I can't accept taking a player that raw that high. Even if the plan isn't for our DE to be a start immediately, he needs to be able to contribute a lot. I can't see Margus Hunt offering what we need in 2013 or 2014.
Was good except no cornerbacks til last 2 picks in 7th round.

You do realize the offense carried the defense the last 6 or so games right? Do we really need to waste 3 picks on wide receivers?

We're so close to a superbowl. We need to fix our weakness NOW. We're not in rebuild mode where we loadup on 14 rookies.
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Draft D-line, LBs and O-line. Everything starts up front on Offense and Defense. I could live with 1 more year of same secondary as last season if it means we can get at least 2 potential starters on front 7. (prob rotate in and give guys a break keeping ppl fresh late in season).

2011 our Def was great
2012 our Def was great again until wore down in 2nd half/playoffs. Our 2ndary can hold up if we continue to stop the run and get pressure on 3rd downs!
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