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BigWads Mock Offseason 2013 2.0 (post combine)

Offseason Moves:

1. Re-Sign

a. Sopoaga – I think we sign him at a discount knowing he will only play 1/3 of the snaps. He just doesn't seem like the kind of guy that will necessarily want to leave. I say 3 years at 3 mill per.

b. Gooden

c. Brock

d. Goldson – I love Goldson. The market will set his value, and if we don't sign him I believe we sign another FA FS to fill this spot like Clemmons from the Phins. I think we only have 5 mill per year in the budget for a starting FS

2. Release

a. Goodwin - $5.0 mil

b. Akers – $3.62 mil

c. Haralson – $2.87 mil - overpaid for a one down player who doesn't play special teams.

3. Trades

a. Smith for a third or fourth - we may get a second believe it or not (wow…how prophetic this was)

4. Free Agents

a. Sean Smith, CB – at 6'3'' and 215 he is the perfect guy to cover the guys that cause us serious problems. Probably a 6 mill per year guy too.

b. Chris Clemmons* - I only put him down in case we don't get Goldson…basically I want whichever player is cheaper. If we sign Goldson we don't sign Clemmons and if we sign Clemmons we don't sign Goldson.

c. Richard Seymour – We need more quality guys in the rotation on the DL. He doesn't have many years left and I bet he would take a two year deal at around 4 mill per just to have a shot at some rings. This move only happens if Justin Smith makes it happen by chopping his salary in half to bring in a guy of equal caliber to split snaps with. We will not have the money to sign him without this. We'll see how much Justin wants a ring.


*I used Maddog's recently posted bigboard and only took guys that should be available at the given selection, with an eye to the combine results.


Margus Hunt, DE/DT, SMU – physical freak of nature. I see this guy as the next Calais Campbell and not just because he blocks a lot of kicks. Just like Campbell he will need to add another 20 lbs to really be effective as a five technique player and he allegedly lost 25 lbs because his coaches wanted him to. I have no idea what film people are looking at saying he is soft-this dude is a monster in the film I have seen. This is Smith's replacement for the future. I could care less about his age. He can also fill in immediately as a base 3-4 OLB if needed until he gains more weight. SMU had him at DT a lot too…this guys is perfect.

Other options-Datone Jones, Jesse Williams, but I think Hunt has way more upside and potential than either of those two.

2a. From Alex Smith trade

Jamie Collins, 3-4 OLB, Southern Miss

2b. Own pick

Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri Southern – with Hunt and Williams and resigning ICE, we are good to go at the DL.

3a. Pick from Carolina in trade-back during 2012 draft

Brian Schwenke, C – replaces Goodwin immediately, smart, big and strong for a center too.

3b. Own Pick

Robert Alford, CB, SE Louisiana

3c. Likely compensatory selection

T.J. McDonald, S, USC – looked very good at the combine and got to love the measurable and height. We need taller safeties to cover tall TE's.

4. Own pick

Dion Sims, TE, Michigan St.

5. From Indianapolis in trade-back during 2012 draft

Nicholas Williams, DT/3-4 DE, Samford

5b. Own pick

Dustin Hopkins, K, Florida State

****From here out I would be trading for picks next year

6a. From Miami in trade-back during 2012 draft

Trade for picks next year

6b. Own pick

Trade for picks next year

7a. From Cincinnati for Taylor Mays

Trade for picks next year

7b. Own pick

Trade for picks next year

7c. Likely compensatory selection

Trade for picks next year

7d. Likely compensatory selection

Trade for picks next year
[ Edited by bigwads on Mar 4, 2013 at 10:29 PM ]
no to cutting manningham
LOL we are not cutting Frank Gore.
The team will explode from the lockerroom out, and the new stadium will implode from shockwaves if we cut Gore.
Where are you getting that we are "cutting" Gore?
In his defense he is trading Gore, not cutting him. That being said, who knows how Hunter will be coming back from an achilles tear. So to me, going into next season with James and Taylor as the RB's is very risky. Not to mention Gore still has a lot left in the tank.
[ Edited by Hoovtrain on Feb 20, 2013 at 7:06 AM ]
Gore is better than any running back in the draft. This team would be worse without Gore.
Gore is worth more to this team than his playing ability. He may not be around after this coming season, but no team ever trades for soon-to-be 30 year old RBs.
Also Aldon can't sign a new deal. He is only in year 3. Couple of fails on this overall plan.
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Also Aldon can't sign a new deal. He is only in year 3. Couple of fails on this overall plan.

This. Plus there's no reason to just extend those guys all at once.

And as others have pointed out, the chances of trading Gore are nonexistent. Who's going to trade for a 30-year-old RB? Frank is worth way more to us than he would be to any other team.
[ Edited by JamesGatz83 on Feb 19, 2013 at 10:25 PM ]

Boone is already locked up long term FYI.

Why are people down on Gore? Sure he's getting older for a RB. But as long as his carries are limited to 15-20 per game, he's a great back. One of the best. He's worth every penny. Now, assuming Hunter comes back strong, we may need Gore's cap hit for resigning A. Davis and Iupati long term after the 2013 season. A great OL is more important than a great RB. So, I'll entertain the idea then.

Cutting Manningham and Goodwin is aggressive IMO. It will only be done if we REALLY need the cap space this year. Manningham could be PUPed until ready. Could be handy in the playoffs. Goodwin is overpriced, but veteran leadership is important on the OL. I think Kilgore could take over, but only if we can't afford to keep him.

We won't go crazy with the contract extensions just yet. So cap space isn't a huge concern yet. Crabtree will probably get an extension. Maybe Brown or Davis. Everybody else can wait.
I don't know how many more years Gore has in his tank. At some point, GM's have to make the tough call and trade or release players that are the heart and soul of the organisation. So your post is provocative because it is looking at a much bigger picture, than how to improve the team this year.

There are two ways to go, clear salary cap and sign out best players to long term contracts. Or, win now and accept the fact that in this day and age, no team is able to keep enough of their talent to win SBs year after year. I'll leave it to Baalke and Harbaugh to make that decision.

I like most of your selections, but notice that you aren't drafting a C, because you are hoping that Kilgore is ready to start. If he is not, than drafting a C, or at least creating competition at C, would make sense. Using MD's board, you could have Barrett Jones, the #1 ranked C, at Carolina's 3rd round pick, or perhaps Kahled Holmes at our 4th pick.
Fail. Even if you think kilgore or looney could honestly fill center you would at least need to fill that rotation. Im not going to argue the fact that your going to get a huge dropoff at center because Goodwin was exceptional this year. Your cutting manningham for cap space which only saves 1.2mil. It just doesnt make sense. If this offseason happened we would have 8cbs and 4 wrs. And your extending justin smith 34 and signing richard seymour 33 and draft no one to rotate or takeover when they lose a step which probably happened last season. Seriously? A 34 yr old and a 33 yr old seems good to you at de but 5cbs means we need to draft 3 more. Idk man.
I stopped reading when I got to the part of trading Frank Gore. Give your head a shake dude. Not going to happen.

There are SOOO many ways this is bad - no, terrible! Starting from releasing Manningham, and it get progressively worse as you go down the list.
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