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my reworked pre-combine draft.

I like to see us pick up a 1st or a 2 st round pick for the 2014 draft ! I like your mock draft.
Originally posted by buck:
Maybe, I was not very clear.

I do not think that we should cut Manningham. In fact, I am not advocating that we cut any specific receiver.

I would assume that he makes the team, if he recovers in a timely manner.

Oh my bad I was thinking about the wrong mock. Hopefully he does get back in time. If he doesn't though you got it under control.
Love how you attacked the draft and didn't wait for a player to be around a certain spot later.
Austin is a stud, would be a lot happier with the pick of him this year than Jenkins last year.
Can you say all purpose yards, cause thats all he does, Percy Harvin 2.0
Agree on Sylvester Williams dropping to the third, just not that impressed with his underachieving work, senior bowl, or our last d-lineman from North Carolina. Sorry.
I would've choose some different players but I respect the way you attacked the draft once again.
It's time for Baalke to make the draft his b***h again.
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