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What would it take to trde up for Start Loutui DT?

I'm not keen on trading up but since all you'll are saying we cant use all 14 picks then how could we move into the top 5 from 31 to draft that Star DT from Utah? He would fill two big holes, We'd definetly have to give up 31 and a 2nd and next year's 1st right? I hope they dont do it, no One player is worth it.
Mayock has said that playoff teams should be laughing right now because there is not much difference between prospects 5-25.

I have read other analysts say same and i would agree.

We should be trading up and swapping 1st rounders with the team with the highest bid for Alex because it's not a strong draft it will not cost us as much to move up.

Star DT may be a good prospect but i think Cordarrelle "The Total Package" Patterson brings more value to the team and the offense.

We can still pick up pick up a DT later.
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