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Nose Tackles In the 2013 Draft

I'm rating them how I see them based on potential availability for when the 49ers will be drafting.

1. Jonathan Jenkins-6'3", 359-Georgia. 0 Technique NT all the way. Much more athletic than he appears to be initially, possesses phone booth quickness, good explosion off the snap, not a pass-rusher per se but has the ability to get after the quarterback, frequently collapses the pocket, plays with a good motor and doesn't give up on plays. Conditioning could be an issue, he could stand to drop about 10-15 pounds, primarily a 2 down NT. Has a tendency to get really sloppy when he wears down, starts to lean on blockers rather than pushing them back. I have him in the late 1st round to early 2nd round.

2. Jesse Williams-6'4, 325-Alabama. Versatile, can play DE as well as NT. Very limited pass rush ability, I see him as being a lot better on the inside. Plays with a good motor, by all accounts a very nice guy, good teammate, hard worker. Has phenomenal upper body strength but questionable lower body strength, is slow off the snap sometimes, allowing him to get pushed out of the play. Doesn't always play with the best leverage, playing too upright at times. However his upper body strength is formidable enough that he requires multiple blockers, he's just too powerful for a single lineman to take on. I have him anywhere from the latter third of the 1st round to the middle of the 2nd round.

3. Brandon Williams-6'1, 340-Missouri Southern. Heralded player, albeit at a lower level of competition. Plays with a mean streak, great at exploding and attacking right off the snap, plays with terrific leverage, sort of like a bowling ball, attacking and driving offensive linemen back with his powerful legs. Constantly attacking, fighting, not giving up on plays, has a bulldog sort of mentality. Conditioning is a question, significantly tends to wear down as the game goes on, just like Jenkins he's kind of a leaner when fatigued, his snaps need to be managed to guarantee top output. Probably has the best combination of pass-rush moves of any NT prospect in this draft. Respected team leader and hard worker, no character issues. I have him in the late 2nd to late 3rd round.

4. Sylvester Williams-6'3", 320-North Carolina. Remarkable career at North Carolina, very explosive player, extremely aware, always goes to the ball, when he's on, he's incredible, however, one of the biggest knocks against him is an "on again/off again" motor, he'll come to play...or maybe he won't, its really tough to know what to make of him. Gets knocked out of plays at times, overruns plays, simply has the talent but runs too hot and cold. Pure talent wise he's early 1st round, effort wise, he's undrafted. With the right coaching staff he could be an outstanding player, I have him in the late 2nd to mid 3rd round.

5. Montori Hughes-6'4", 328-"My Ass Got Kicked Out State"-Very intriguing prospect. Based on physical ability, he's a 1st rounder. However there's a lot of other issues at play, not namely the character issues associated with him being kicked off the Tennessee team. He's got outstanding athleticism, size and strength and did very well at the Senior Bowl. On film he looks like a pocket-crushing monster and can absolutely dominate, even with multiple blockers on him at times. Motor can run a bit hot and cold but for the most part he's a consistent performer, without the assorted character issues, he'd be a 2nd round pick at the latest. Right now I have him between the 3rd and 5th round.

6. Kwame Geathers-6'5", 360-Georgia. Monster of a man, just massive. Very raw in some respects, but comes from a football family with NFL bloodlines, his father was in the NFL for over a decade and his brother plays for the Bengals. Very violent hands, relatively quick off the snap for his size, requires multiple blockers, however he plays with very poor leverage a times and conditioning is definitely an issue as he tends to wear down pretty quick. He was part of an NT rotation at Georgia. If drafted, he's going to need time to develop, I don't think he's a game ready contributor, but the size and potential are both there, however expect him to do nothing but learn and get coached up over a couple of seasons, one of the reasons he's likely in the 4th to 6th round range.


Gilbert Pena-6'2", 325-Mississippi

TJ Barnes-6'5", 340-Georgia Tech

William Campbell-6'5", 325-Michigan(Possibility at 3-4 DE as well)

Anthony Rashad White-6'2", 335-Michigan State

EDIT-Also, how could I neglect to add Jose Jose of UCF-6'3",240.
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Jose Jose ... ftw
Jesse Williams is light years ahead of Jenkins in my book and personally I feel his pass rush is underrated. He's not warren sapp and he's never gonna use flashy quickness to rack up sacks, but if you block him with one guy he will either drive that lineman back into the QB or he'll get his hands up and disrupt the QBs passing lane. He will never be a big sack guy but his presence will be felt nearly every play IMO.
Jesse williams can also play DE and we need that versatility.
Jesse Williams has gone up against the best in the SEC but he's played with elite players during his collegiate career. Geathers could be the #2 defensive lineman picked by the Niners and could easily turn out to be the better pick.
Thanks for the great info on the prospects Phoenix
I've wanted a big fat run stuffer for years so John Jenkins fascinates me. Soap was a mid-level stopgap type.

I will flip flop so many times on whether I want secondary in the 1st or d-line.
Originally posted by eonblue:
Jesse williams can also play DE and we need that versatility.

As can Jenkins, he played DE and NT for Georgia. Neither one belongs on the outside.
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Williams or Jenkins. Both played under great coaching staffs and in the SEC. Also I would never take a guy named Sylvester, especially one who came from that hell hole that developed Kentwaun Balmer.
Hi guys,

how come the upload TINY PIC button would not allow me to do so?

Dead on about Jenkins. Haven't released my mock yet but I have us using our 1st 2 picks on the D-line and I think Jenkins will/should be one of them. He will be a true 0, 2i, and 1 techniques NT for us.
Really solid post.

Who do you thinks fits us the best?
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Really solid post.

Who do you thinks fits us the best?

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