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My last mock

I dont think we will pick 14 players so i'm gonna list the 8 players I think will make us better team. I'm not factoring in no off-season moves, trades or fa pickups
1. Xavier Rhodes CB 6'2 215
I believe cb is our weakest link and we should select the nest cb available. Rhodes has the size and speed of the new wave cb. I envision hom as a shutdown corner who will contribute day 1
2. Shariff Floyd DT 6'3 301
Floyd is a disruptive force who will demand double teams(sound familiar)
3. Cobi Hamilton WR 6'3 209
Fantastic production fills the spot left by Moss an upgrade for yrs. and another nice target fo Kaep
3. Mario Benavides C 6'4 300
Good run-blocker and good pass-protector
3. Phillip Thomas 6' 210
I think he is the steal of the draft he just does everything well
4. Collin Klein QB 6'5 226
We need a back-up qb who can basically fit our scheme its just smart. He hit 65% of his targets he passed for 2641 yrds. 16 tds. 9ints. ran for 23 tds. In 2011 he passed for 1918 13 tds and ran for 1141 27 tds(once again sound familiar)
5. Michael Williams TE 6'6 270
Very good pass-protector and very good run-blocker with good hands(red-zone threat)
5. A. J. Jenkins 3/4 DE 6'3 305
Good totational player
You have covered a large number of our issues. Hope we can get 8 good players out of this draft.
Collin Klein in rd 4? Seriously? This guy will be lucky to get drafted at all. Benavides would be a huge reach in the 3rd. The only AJ Jenkins I know plays WR for the Niners and isnt too good. LOL

Rhodes and Floyd would be 2 nice additions for sure and I also like Hamilton and Thomas as 3rd rd picks.
Collin Klein is trash. If you're picking a qb in the 4th, may as well go with Matt Scott. He's a project, but has a good arm and good feet. Would be a perfect #3 for Harbaugh to coach up.
What about a kicker?
I love Phillip Thomas! I coach high school football in Sacramento area and one of my players last year is a Saftey and went to Fresno. I saw PT up close and watched him play live.....he's amazing....He's also coached by some guy name Tim McDonald.....U may know who he is
Like the Rhodes pick and the entire 3rd round. Sharif Floyd is definitely not going to be there in the late 2nd. Colin Klein cannot throw worth a damn so the Niners would not take him this high.

Last point, who the hell is A. J. Jenkins? What school is he from?
Shariff will be long gone by our 2nd rd pick
I have seen Shariff Floyd as high as 3rd overall.

There is ZERO chance he falls to us in round 2
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AJ Jenkins

Klein can't throw, Floyd won't be there in the 2nd and I have no clue who AJ Jenkins is.
lol @ getting floyd in the 2nd and an even bigger lol @ colin klein in the 4th haha. klein is going to be undrafted
Good thing this was your first and LAST mock. Just a few holes in it..................
Floyd late in the 2nd ? Klein in the 4th ? Wow ... Do u have us also getting jarvis jones in the 6th and dee milner in the 7th ? Lol
I think Phillip Thomas is gone in the second.
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