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Kyle Juszczyk, H-Back, Harvard -- Delanie Walker's Replacement?

holy Crap - I love this dude. He played FB, TE, and WR for Harvard. Breaks tackles, blocks, does it all. He'd be sick as a 6th round pick if we lost Walker

Can he catch really hard catches and drop easy ones?
Originally posted by English:
Can he catch really hard catches and drop easy ones?

you must be talkin' bout droptimus prime :)
He's not the same length horizontally as he is vertically, therefore no care.
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No go. i say keep Walker, who is a exceptional blocker, and have him work on his hands the WHOLE off season.
Somehow I see NFL defenders actually making those easy tackles.....

Certainly with the number of picks we have I wouldn't mind taking a flier on a tough, versatile player like this. But I would not expect him to be able to just chug along stiff arming defenders in the NFL the way he is against whoever Harvard plays.
wow, everybody wants to see Delanie gone, huh? This guy looks like a decent FB/HB, but I wonder what his speed and strength look like against real competition.

A guy who I think could be a developmental WR/TE is MarQueis Gray from Minnesota.
I wouldn't mind draft a FB in the later rounds. But I would want them as a replacement for Dixon as a short yardage back. I'd love to get a "Tom Rathman" type FB to go with our small/fast RB.
Only if we miss on Ertz, Walker goes elsewhere, and we sign a FA like Beckam.. I do like this guy as to compete as a 3rd. TE and backup FB.. I like Ivy League Football too, so I like this guy as well, and seen him play. (Im a Penn fan tho- sorry bro).
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