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I like Trufant, but I am currently @ UW and watched him all last year and this year and do not feel he is worth a 1st rounder. Yes, he's physically fit and has good coverage skills, but he has ALWAYS shown to have this "lazy" streak during the game. Watch his game tape, he gets into the beginning of the game, then gets lost during the game until the last 4 minutes.

Now, that could also be the fact that our pass rush couldn't even breathe near an opposing QB and couldn't stop a running back (unless their name was Stefan Taylor), so maybe being on a team with a pass rush might make him better, but I think we should get DL help with the amount of talent there this draft. If we trade back into the mid 2nd, then I wouldn't mind drafting Trufant, but not worth even a late 1st due to his past history.

I too live in Seattle and I've had a chance to ask some of my Husky fans their views on Trufant. Almost all of them start laughing when I mention that Trufant is being considered as a first round talent. He apparently doesn't play fast, physical or with much passion. Don't let the fast 40 yard dash fool you. He might be a good prospect if you could get him in the 3rd round but anything higher..........PASS.