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You would not use a high draft pick (1st round) for?

You would not use a high draft pick (1st round) for?

My choice would be TE unless there was an all world guy--BPA. Even then I would look to trade down.
what is a high draft pick?
Originally posted by jreff22:
what is a high draft pick?

Thanks, good question. I'll leave it at first round...and this is not meant to mean "absolutely" but generally. There use to be a theory that only OTs were drafted in the first round, while OGs and OCs were drafted later.
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if its a 1st round pick for this year.....OT should not be the pick
Our 1st rounder this year hopefully will be a DL. Games are won at the line. We've invested heavily in OL and we are reaping the benefits. Our DL has been neglected. We have Justin Smith (an aging all-pro) and a bunch of late round selections that have developed into decent players. We need a young/rare talent to add to our DL group.

That said, I would be ok with a TE, S, or CB if they are BPA.

I absolutely DO NOT want an OT, OG/C, or LB.
Oline, MLB, WR, RB, QB.

I would not use a first in any of those positions.
On a TE, I would rather draft an DL in the first....
Are we talking in general or with this team?

In general I am not a fan of ILBs unless your team is loaded and you can afford the pick. They have to be Willis like to warrant a 1st because you can find ILBs in the 2nd, 3rd and later and it's one of the more easier positions to transition from college to the NFL. Same as what I said for RBs except change Willis to Peterson. I am a fan of 2nd and 3rd round RBs. T, WRs, OL, QB, DL, 3-4 OLBs, S, CB, etc are all 1st round worthy to me. Really though you can make a case for any position in the 1st if your team is stacked enough and can afford the extra pick. Now if you are full of holes then like I said I start with the ones I listed in the 1st, save the 2nd, 3rd for the easier to fill like RBs and ILBs.

If the question is for us right now.... I would say no to a 1st round RB, QB but that's about it. We could use depth all over and guys who will be future starters. NT, OLB, CB, DE, C, etc....
Originally posted by jreff22:
what is a high draft pick?

It's what we used to have. You remember?

Right now, kicker. Anything else we take, I am going to assume Harbaugh and Baalke have assessed BPA.

Can't see us taking qb, rb, te, og, c, ot, ilb or s in the first. But they know better than me.
We don't have a high draft pick, we will be picking dead last!

RIght now? I wouldnt use our 1st for anything other than:
from that list...

anything but a DL or DB (depending what happens w/ goldson) would be a wasted pick IMO.
Not that we have surefire guys at OLB behind Smith and brooks, but all of our starters at LB are young and All-Pros. I can't see how under any situation we go OLB with a 1st round pick. I'd like to have a guy that come in and play 20 or so snaps a game and be able to generate a pass rush, but this is even more of a luxury than picking LeMichael James in the 2nd round last year.

You can also throw in QB, OT, K, S (if we sign Goldson longterm), and RB. If value isn't available at 32 for DE, NT, TE, WR, or even possibly a C isn't sitting there, we are trading down.
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K, LB,QB,OT, OG... I think we are young and solid in those position. K- never in the 1st rd. it's more of a FA type signing.
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