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If we 'reached' for Margus Hunt at #32, what would your reaction be?

If we 'reached' for Margus Hunt at #32, what would your reaction be?

I think the 49ers should focus on NT or C with their 1st round pick. Hunt will probably be available in the 2nd or 3rd round.
based off that game film alone im not impressed. he seems too tall and gain leverage at the point of attack, he doesnt seem very strong, he has good speed but runs past the play often, looks very weak against the run and not a good tackler. he seems like a good pass rusher but i wouldnt want to use a 1st rounder on a 1 dimensional player.
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Walter Football is a fun site to look at but there mocks arent the best. We shall see where Hunt gets slotted after this week as he hasnt impressed from what I have read. I look at him now as a 2nd round prospect and not someone you want to chance in the first.

This. But I like Charlie's mockdrafts his seems to make a lot more sense.
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Hunt is one of those guys that in 2-3 years, with the right coaching and enough patience, people will be saying, "how/why did we pass on him?" He's got all the tools, the size, the abilities and the desire, but he clearly hasn't been playing football long enough, or coached up properly in college. Get him paired with the right d-line coach and with veterans who can teach him the craft of playing the defensive line, and he could be a very disruptive 3-4 DE.

The flipside to that is, if he gets thrown in to the wrong situation, asked to do too much too soon and doesn't get coached up properly, he'll bust out of the league in no time. Unlike a lot of guys who have been playing football since they were kids and learned the basics early on, Hunt (and Ansah) will need the right support to make it.

Exactly. Also, people are concerned about his height, but isn't Calais Campbell about that 6'8?

Whoever we draft at DE should get playing time next season, but will not be thrust into a situation where they have to produce big immediately which bodes well for an extremely talented, but raw player. We also have every plus that you mentioned (good D-line coach and vets to teach him) With that said, I am against drafting him in the first round.
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