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Alabama Center Barrett Jones

Like him but in no way would I take him in the first round let alone move up for him. DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE

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Originally posted by eonblue:
Nah I was just being facetious but some have the opinion that anyone besides a dlinemen in the 1st is a bust. Hes a great center tho but i bet hes get picked uo early second and I would agree we need some dline youth in the 1st.
i know i should not take every semtence literally...but i'd like to see that person who grades a non dline pick in the First as a bust in terms of pick doesnt fill the most pressing need :D
Originally posted by NC49erfan82:
Originally posted by 5280High:
If he even lasted that long it would be a miracle... Jones has the versatility to play every position, excelling at guard and was all SEC at left tackle before the season. A team with an O-line need in the 10-20 range could draft him and plug him anywhere and move him around to get their best 5 lineman on the field. That is a huge benefit, IMO after the top guy at guard & tackle are gone (respectively) he should start being considered good value.

I said I would like to trade up to get him. I think no way in hell he is going to break out of the top 20.

Honestly I think he'll be there when we pick. No need to move up
Getting him would be nice but I feel like we can get other decent centers in later rounds. I want to see a DE, TE, CB, and a WR in the first.
Hes more than just decent. He can read tje defense and play all positions on the line. Qualities like that go a long way.
Someone mentioned trading next years first and a 4th to move up and get him. I wouldn't be against such an aggressive strategy. It worked out pretty well for Atlanta with Julio Jones and we won't have to give up nearly as many draft picks. Staying put at (25-32) as well as picking up another first rounder should allow us to pick up a center like Jones, solidifying our O-line in the same way we have done with our linebackers, as well as adding a top tier NT or DE (I prefer NT) that can come in, eat up blockers, and control the line of scrimmage. Considering the talent and versatility Jones has, I can't see how we can go wrong with this pick.

We can pick up a solid TE to compliment Davis in the 3rd.
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Originally posted by eonblue:
Oh god your speaking blasphemy on these forums. Picking an olinemen in the 1st is like murder around here.

Guess you weren't around when everyone was praying for Iupati, Bulaga and at the time Michael Oher.
I am skeptical Jones is a first rounder. I think he will be on the board when the team picks.
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