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WR Duron Carter leaves FAU to the NFL.....If he is lucky?

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Son of former Vikings receiver Cris Carter, the 6'5" 205 ib player has been nothing short of a head case (at least from an academic standpoint) since being a 4 star Ohio State recruit in 2009. He has been to 4 different schools at various levels of college football in the past 3 years. He only notched 11 receptions at the FBS level but I managed to find a 4 minute "highlight" reel albeit, incredibly low quality, from his time in the JUCO system.

He could MAYBE and I mean MAYBE be worth a UDFA look?
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I'd pass. He was a student coming out of HS. But never wanted to put in work anywhere to be great. I'd rather go for a UDFA that's hungry he didn't get picked over a kid who acts like everything should be handed to him. I'd rather have Quinton Patton of LA Tech who was his teammates in JUCO and outperformed him.
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