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After The Season Draft Consentration

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I see two areas where we need to consentrate on the Draft.
1.Pass rusher oposit Aldon Smith
2.Tight End Red zone threat

#2 Explanation I did not realize we dont have a TE over 6'3

Stanford has a pass catching TE seem to put up good numbers.

#1The kid from Oregon sure looks good to me.

what do you think?

Dashan is going to resign he has proven he can stay health and not be a burdon to the team.
Soap will resign only team he played for and he is effect not dominating.

what areas do you see we need to consentrate on in the draft
there arent many.
If we can manage to retain Goldson and Sopoaga as you think? Then that helps clear up our needs.

I think Ahmad Brooks is a damn good rush LB opposite of Aldon. So we just need to consider adding quality depth there, if we dump Haralson and do not feel the others provide that.

I think we need to address OT depth.. so that we can allow Boone to focus on RG, where he has been very solid.

I can see us adding a WR, TE, and DE in the first 4 picks. Pretty difficult to guess what our F/O will do, and there are lots of FA variables to play out... but this is what I think we should look into.
^ oh, and you may want to edit and fix the spelling of concentrate. People love to jump all over such errors.
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Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:
^ oh, and you may want to edit and fix the spelling of concentrate. People love to jump all over such errors.

Yep. So I'll officially be the first to say it

Bravo you spelled concentrate wrong

Now to the topic

Dion Jordan will be a top 15 pick. He is probably somewhere between Aldon and Bruce Irvin in skill, no way we have a chance at him. We'll look at OLB probably in round 3 were we are expected to have 3 selections. Sean Porter out of Texas A&M or Jamie Collins out of Southern Miss are decent depth players at OLB projected to go right around there.

The TE position is blatant I hope we are able to land Fauria, Sims, Toilolo(ertz will be a 1st round pick IMHO, Tiololo will be a 2nd or 3rd rounder if he comes out IMHO).
I think you mean Dashon.
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