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should we take a CB in the first three rounds?

Originally posted by fan49:
You guys are pretty funny. Rogers is our best cb.

Our best CB? I don't know about that. Brown has been very good this year (after a rocky start to last year), and Cully is growing up fast (could be a #1-type next year). I think Rogers is a good CB, but he isn't quick enough to serve the purpose in our Nickle defense that Fangio seems to want. It would appear that Fangio wants a nickle that can man-up and eliminate slot receivers on his own, and Rogers has been getting killed trying to do that against the quicker guys he has faced.
Regardless of Rogers and his contract, we need depth and someone to handle the slot. Cox is still working his way back in to mix, Brown is a good #2, Cully is talented and shows his youth at times.

Cully was raw and played some FS coming out. Before him, it's been a long time since we drafted a DB early. I refuse to acknowledge Singletary's Mays selection. GMs should make those decisions. The only exception should be Harbaugh's QB crushes.
Prior to the injuries to Hunter and Kyle Williams I would have agreed that we need to select a CB in the first three rounds. Not anymore. I'm right in the middle of recovering from an torn achilies and it's a brutal injury. I'm now worried sick about Kendall Hunter. Doesn't help that Frank is in the twighlight of his career.

I'm also thinking that this team could use a Torrey Smith type of receiver. Only wish we could have seen more of LM James and Jenkins play because at this point in time they are both unknowns. Think it's safe to say coaches were less than enamored with both of them or they would have made the active roster and received some PT.

My guess is that we'll draft a DE end in the first but now I think we go back to the offense in rounds two and three. Time to get some more tools for the Kaepernick Era IMHO.
Would like to see another CB for depth. Also. call me crazy, but I want Tyrann Mathieu out there on the slot. At the very least I would love to see him as a gunner and returner. Ginn is from my backyard, but I'm tired of dude's softness. Honey Badger could be another Spillman but with return skill.
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