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Mock offseason vs 2.0

I want to get Zach Ertz from Stanford. We didn't take Fleener, but his old teammate would be a great addition.

With Quanterus Smith out with an injury, how about Chase Thomas from Stanford. He is nails as an OLB against the run and can rush the passer.

Saw Sheldon Richardson from Mizzou last night against Texas A&M and he made some plays as a 3-4 DE. He was suspended for a game for violating team rules, so maybe he lands somewhere in the 3rd or 4th round range.
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U dont cut Smith even if we go with Kaepernick now. U resign him and then you can EASILY trade Smith for a 1st round pick or maybe more. Look what lame ass QB's like Kolb and Cutler and even Tebow went for.

Good point. I was thinking about this. He has no guaranteed money owed so if we do give him his option then we can trade him with no cap hit and still save the money on the cap.

Jacksonville, NY, Arizona, Kansas City and Cleveland will all be looking for QB's this year. I dont think any of them will be enamored with the rookies available.

Smith could be the best option available. Flacco is a free agent but there is no way Baltimore lets him go. Unless teams fall in love with the likes of Tavaris Jackson, Matt Moore and Jason Campbell.

KC looks like a good fit for Geno Smith. Matt Barkley and Tyler Wilson are not starters.

This could be a good year to offer up Smith to one of those other AFC teams for a few picks.

We could also restructure his contract and keep as a good back up. He doesn't want to leave and he will end up as a back up some where anyways, why not here since Kap and Smith are friends. It is similar to what the Bills did in their championship days with Jim Kelly and Frank Reich and Reich took them to a super bowl lose by a field goal. Like I said it seems like Smith is happy being here and he knew this day was coming.
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