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Official: Marcus Lattimore to enter draft / rehab w/ NFL doctors

this guy is def worth taking 3rd rd or so....he runs like frank gore and has the injury history to match
it depends. if doctors clear him to play and say that he's good, why not? the kid was a hell of a player, and i still believe he can be a quality NFL back.
Tremendous player, and a lot of things to consider -

How is he doing in rehab?

How much wear andtear on his body from his playing days in college

Not everyone can recover like Adrienne Peterson.
Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, and Willis McGahee have all proven that injuries to a running back don't spell the end to a career to a running back. We also have Ray McDonald who has a bit of a history himself and he's been fine. I wouldn't go as early as the third round as I expect all picks in the first 3 rounds to be contributors immediately. But if he's sitting there in the 4th, I won't be mad if we take him. I'd prefer to wait as late as possible (5th or 6th), but who knows if a team may jump the gun on him.

Everyone has to remember, Buffalo spent a first round pick on McGahee knowing that he wouldn't play at all in 2003. I doubt we will see the same with Lattiimore, but you never know once it gets to the 3rd round.
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