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We don't need a Safety. We need to sign Goldson long term. Dude is a monster. He flys up from 15 yards back to make tackes around the line of scrimmage. And he's a major ball hawk with interceptions. Plus he hits hard. As much as Delanie Walker is overrated on the WZ Goldson is way underrated. Our secondary is NOT THE SAME without him. People need to remember back to the past when we had bad safetys. We were awful. Now we have 2 good ones. And one great one. Keep him. Pay the man.

Trust me, I remember the Mark Roman days. I honestly think this is a cap issue more than anything. I say if we had the space, he stays, but I don't think we do. I like Goldson because of the hits and the ability to make game changing plays (i.e. turnovers). Again this is a cap issue, and if it comes down to extending Bowman in the next year, as well as resigning Soapoaga and/or RJF, I'm going with the latter. Also keep in mind, if Goldson has a good year, his price tag could get in the 8 mil a year range.