Originally posted by jreff22:
William Gholston...intrigues me, but the blood line scares me
Le'Veon Bell....stonewalled against ND
Donte Moncrief......keep an eye on this kid
Jeff Scott......boy can run
Malcolm Brown.....keep an eye on this kid
Dion Sims......wouldn't mind this kid on the 9ers
Gholston-With added weight he would have ideal size for a 3-4 DE, but he has shown a stunning lack of passion, plus any Gholston at this point...

Bell-Not a fan, lacks quickness, will struggle to get traction at the next level, I'd pass.

Brown-I like him a lot, he should be steadily moving up the draft boards over the next 2 years, looks like he has all the tools to be a great pro.

Sims-I agree, I think he'll make a tremendous TE at the next level and is perfect to take over as the #2 TE on this team, especially with his size and blocking prowess.