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Curious, why no SEC draftees or UDFA's?

Anyone else struck by the oddity that no SEC players were selected by the Niners in this 2012 draft (7 players), nor have any SEC players been signed as UDFA's to date (additional 16 players)? That's 0 for 23. For years, the SEC has enjoyed a reputation for producing the best college football talent. Certainly, the Niners have been SEC-attentive in the past: Willis, McDonald, Culliver, Dobbs, etc. Has SEC talent declined (hard to believe)? Have the Niners lost scouting capability there? Are the Midwestern Niner scout(s) more forceful with their recommendations? This just seems to be too weird to be a coincidence. Watchathink?
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It seems like Baalke is more enamored with Big 10 and smaller schools.
Every one else took them first. That's what happens when you are picking 30th.
Given the success we've had in the past with SEC players I think it has to be pure coincidence.
Because you touch yourself at night
I don't think Baalke puts much stock into which conference a prospect played in. He looks for production, talent, and character. If the kid is from a big time conference like the SEC, thats great, but its not a big determining factor.
Because the one's that were left for us to pick all suck
Because even if Gire
PAC-10 FTW!!! And yes, I do mean PAC-10...

actually this did pop into my head....West Coast bias
because because because because becauuuuuussseeeee...... because of the wonderful things he does!
He picks the player first. I'm sure their level of competition goes into his decision making process but isn't the sole deciding factor.
I wished so hard for the Niners to pick Alshon Jeffery that it backfired and they didn't pick anyone else from the SEC at all.
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The board didn't go that way this year. No one ever goes into a draft thinking that they HAVE to draft someone for a certain conference. I guarantee if we had a top 5 pick and Blackmon and T Rich were of the board, we would have taken Claiborne.
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