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Day 2-Draft General Discussion

Yup, I was right (we all called this), and I didn't even look it up!
lol... totally didn't see that one coming.
I hate everyone
oh s**t there goes fleener, good for him to get matched up with luck
I am SOOOO happy that Stl didnt get Fleener. I am happy he went to the colts if we didnt get him.
there goes Fleener
Thank you based god.
The dream is dead.
he is dead to me now
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Colts take Fleener now, I bet.

Good move for the Colts

Luck to Fleener in Indy
10k Webzoners now on suicide watch.
Now he sucks
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Originally posted by eamjr10:
Luck to Fleener in Indy

that was obvious..
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