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Day 2-Draft General Discussion

Yup, I was right (we all called this), and I didn't even look it up!
lol... totally didn't see that one coming.
I hate everyone
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oh s**t there goes fleener, good for him to get matched up with luck
I am SOOOO happy that Stl didnt get Fleener. I am happy he went to the colts if we didnt get him.
there goes Fleener
Thank you based god.
The dream is dead.
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he is dead to me now
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Colts take Fleener now, I bet.

Good move for the Colts
Luck to Fleener in Indy
10k Webzoners now on suicide watch.
Now he sucks
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Originally posted by eamjr10:
Luck to Fleener in Indy

that was obvious..