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Woo hoo - I predicted that one spot on. Nick Perry to GB.

Cordy Glenn, Amini Silatolu, Coby Fleener, Stephen Hill, Rueben Randle available.

Not a fan of Hill or Randle. Fleener is a neat weapon. I didn't expect Glenn to be around. Silatolu is one of my favorites but wanted him a little later.
uh-oh the vikes....
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Minnesota is trying to f**k us.
Vikes traded with Balt! Vikes gonna take Fleener!
Damn....Vikings moved up in front of SF.......they don't want Fleener...maybe Jenkins or Hill????
Balt trades out with Minn
vikings traded up in front of us!! how they gonna take?!
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farkn vikes
Minnesota has a plan. WOW

Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Originally posted by dcsham:
Originally posted by afflecksloverboy:
stop leaking picks in this thread before they are announced on the tv broadcast.

Time to start warning them, because there are about two or three posters who are going to continue this crap through every round. It needs to stop.

Most ridiculous post of the year, you make it sound like those dudes are you'r older brother spoiling all your x-mas gifts to you. -It's not our team, so gives a s**t.

Dont even go there, because there is a thread if you want to post your twitter BS, and the Mods have told you to stop. If you don't stop, you should be warned. Got to the other thread.
I get the feeling it's gonna be Harrison Smith
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Get Jenkins!
hill or fleener???
Cant imagine Minnesota will take another OL. Did they move up to get Hill or Fleener?
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