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What do the 9ers need to give up to draft Fleener?

Originally posted by FILTHpigskin:
Nothing... they either get him at 30 or they don't.

Yep. There is no way I would give up picks to move up for Fleener. DeCastro.. absolutley.
Originally posted by ForeverYoung8:
Originally posted by hofer36:
gots to get me some fleener weiner

This just says it all
Originally posted by BoiseNiner:
Originally posted by jreff22:
Originally posted by btthepunk:
If we trade up it better be for Michael Floyd.



Mods, could we merge the 87 Coby Fleener threads into one? If not, we may see 127 more in the next 72 hours.
with all the hype Fleener is getting, I have a hard time believing he falls to 30 anyways. hes getting so much attention. all it takes is one team to decide hes the next Rob Gronkowski, and theyll trade up and take him way too early.
I really like Fleener (my draft crush for sure) and I think he'll be the next Gronkowski but with that being said the op is crazy to want to give up a 1st and a 3rd to just swap picks to grab him. Fleener is gonna be great but no unproven TE is worth that much! He's not even complete yet! He's not a very good blocker yet but that's something he can learn in the NFL. I think he'll still be there at 30 but if we do need to trade up it will only be a few spots into the upper 20's a best and that will not cost a 1st and 3rd, maybe a 3rd at best and I think that's all we should trade to move up for him because there are still alot of good players in this draft and you don't want to hurt this years draft and next years for a player that's not even at a postion of need. I mean it's not like we don't have a pretty good pair of TEs already!. A 3rd is a lot to trade because alot of really good players are found in the 3rd rd and we still need a RG which is truly the only need we have.
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fleener is way overrated , i would not be sad if he not there at 30, we have no holes really, with that said i think he will be there though, but if we pass for say hill,randle, etc i wouldn't care either.
Ok , you heard it here first. 9ers swap picks with one of two teams who wanted Kap initially, and if a pick above #10, swap back with someone else for an additional pick that would still get us Fleener before someone else does, plus a 2nd pick in rd 2 or 3. Using Kap in a trade is only thing that makes sense once JJ was signed.

Here is the catch: We start Fleener as a wideout in the slot, and keep Delanie at TE, a good hands guy who can also block. Putting Fleener in the slot should be a real tough matchup with whoever we play. Can you imagine a run to the side where Fleener is? We would have devastating blocking crew, running wide. Also playing in the slot, Fleener would be tough to stop on slants and outs, if other two WRs are going downfield.

Yeah it is a reach, but it would be one heckuva alignment and incredibly tough to defend. Browns obviously want a QB, but so do several others, and I am pretty sure we snagged Kap before 2 other teams, or Baalke and Coach would not have jumped picks had someone else not really wanted Kap badly. As for fleener being overated, man, look at any 2 or 3 of his game films plus watch NFL network's Luck pro day. Fleener is tough, fast and has good hands...make that great hands.
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My affinity for Fleener is starting to wain. Now I'm leaning towards an OG at #30, or trading back and picking Reuben Randle in the 2nd round.
Originally posted by DirtyP:
I said he was a straight line speed guy, I did not read that statement anywhere.

A tight end who has to leave the field on run downs is not going to be a very effective receiver. Tight ends become effective when the defense has to guess as to what he is going to do when on the field.

Yeah, as if teams don't know that Delanie Walker is in there to block about 90+% of the time.

Originally posted by AyYoJoey:
OK i am on the Fleener Steamer and there is no way in hell that he is on the board when we pick at #30. But i want this guy on our team more then any wide receiver, more then any offensive line man, more then any defensive back. This guy will be a great. With that said, what is a fair trade to move up in the draft? I'm not even sure if another team would make a trade, but it's nice to dream...

I say swap 1st rd picks, this years 3rd and next years 1st for the next big Fleen. (<<< i felt wrong typing that)

I personally believe we will make it back to the NFC championship game, so next years first wont be a high pick anyways.

EDIT - Keep in my mind this is what i would give up to get Fleener. Whether its crazy or irrational or whatever. I don't see much value in next years 1st or this years 3rd given that team needs are very minimal and i am betting that this year will be a great year. I do see Fleener as a luxury. If the team stays the course, we can afford luxury. Thats just my opinion on a player i see to be a game changer.

Wow. No thanks. I dont even want him at 30, nevermind trading up to get him.

One NFL scout suggested that Stanford TE Coby Fleener "might be the most overrated guy in the draft" because he doesn't block and is more of a buildup-speed threat as a pass catcher.

"He wasn't even the best tight end on their team," the scout said. "No. 11 (sophomore Levine Toilolo), that's the real deal. (Fleener) might be the most overrated guy in the draft. He's awful as a blocker. Despite his workout numbers he's really not a quick-twitch, dynamic-moving guy. He's a straight-line, build-up player." The scout may be being overly critical of Fleener, but his first-round buzz seems to have died down in recent weeks.
Originally posted by 9ersLiferInChicago:
Originally posted by ForeverYoung8:
Originally posted by hofer36:
gots to get me some fleener weiner

This just says it all

that s**ts funny
Why would we trade up for a TE when we already have the best TE in the game imo thats not very good value especially theres some pretty darn good TE's we could draft in the 3rd round. I dont know if folks remember but Graham was a 3rd round pick if we address the tight end position it doesnt have to be a 1st round pick. Heck Gronk was a 2nd round pick.
Originally posted by dj43:
I have written in other threads that Fleener would be a game-changer in the 49er offense. I won't repeat my argument here, only to say that rule changes to protect defenseless receivers make a tall receiver like Fleener an essential part of any truly good receiving corp.

That having been said, I do not believe he is worth spending more than a 3rd to move up to get him. The need for a RG/Center is just as great as a tall receiver, hence, BPA is the best route to travel.

However, in a draft that has a lot of talent on the top end, I would not be surprised if Baalke gives up some mid-round choices to move up for a player they feel will be an impact guy. This team does not have a glaring needs hence an impact guy would be worth sacrificing some "depth" choices if it is the right guy. As much as I like Fleener, I am not certain he is worth giving up what the OP suggests.

Exactly ... there is a lot of depth (especially at WR) in this draft, so there isn't much point in trading away (potentially valuable) picks for anything less than a sure thing.

At the Niners position, it's best to let the draft come to you and trust your board. There will be lots of players who fall because teams are reaching to fill "need" positions.
Here's a question,

Do the giants win the Superbowl if Gronkowski is 100%? I say no. He would have impacted that game in a serious way if he was healthy. The tight end position is as important as ever in the NFL. Yeah we have one of the best with Vernon Davis and Walker is a nice complement. With that said, i think Walker will be gone after this season. He has one year left and i think he wants to be a #1 TE somewhere else. Think of the mismatches with Davis and Fleener. And this is just me thinking as i type, but Fleener wouldn't have to spend a lot of time learning a new offense and could focus more time learning how to block.

Harbaugh loves him some tightends (lol) and we need a guy who can consistently pick up a first down. No more of the 1-13 bullsh!t on third downs. Fleener can step in Day 1 and contribute, what other rookie can do that?
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