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49ersalldaway draft (complete first round + 49ers 7 round)

1. Colts- Andrew Luck QB- no brainer

2. Redskins- RG3 QB- also a lock

3. Vikings- Matt Khalli LT- have been talks about Blackmon and Claiborne I don't really buy it. They just got a new QB and have the best RB in nfl hard to believe they take anything but an LT which is a huge need for them

4. Browns- Trent Richardson RB- Blackmon is definitally a possibility here however so is RB Richardson is the best since AP and this is a deep WR class

5. Bucs- Morris Claiborne CB- Unless Richardson falls Claiborne is a lock. Ronde barber is old and talib is on the trading block and is facing jail time

6. Rams- justin Blackmon WR- I have a huge feeling that Cox may be the pick because of Fisher however how long can they ignore WR?

** TRADE**

7. Eagles- Fletcher Cox DT- Eagles need a DT and apparently love Cox he will definitally be gone by their pick and with the additions of Ryans they can definitely afford to trade up

8. Maimi- Ryan Tannehill QB- If tannehill is there when Miami picks he is a lock

9. Panthers - Stephen Gilmore CB- If Cox fell he is the pick no DT are worth this pick and Gilmore is rising up draft boards and rightfully so he is a stud maybe not top pick talent wise but he will be a solid to great CB

10. Bills- Riley Reiff OT- Bills have a glaring need at T they need to protect Fitzpatrick.

11. Cheifs- David DeCastro G- best G in a long time and a position of need

12. Seahawks- Luke Kuechly LB- they lost hawthorne Luke Kuechly seems to e a capable replacement

13. Cardinals- Michael Floyd WR- imo the best WR this class they create a capable and possibly the best Duo in nfl with fitz and Floyd. If Reiff or DeCastro is here one of them is a cardinal

14. Cowboys- Mark Barron S- he is apparently a stud S the cowboys already got Brandon carr and are in need of a S

15. Jaguars Stephen Hill WR- Jaguars like Hill and traded back a bit to get him (if they cant trade down they take Gilmore at 7) =. They give gabber a physical specimen at WR

16. Jets- Melvin Ingram DE/OLB- jets have a great team especially S but have no pass rush Ingram "drops" a bit Jets snatch him

17. Bengals- Cordy Glenn OG- Bengals have a need for G glenn is a physical specimen fills a huge need

18. Chargers- Courtney Upshaw DE/OLb- possibly the worst front 7 in nfl Upshaw was slated a top 10 pick before the combine lacks some speed but has amazing power (like Woodley of the steelers)

19. Bears- Quinton Couples DT/DE- Bears will take the best DL at this point if a G is not available getting a WR is a possibility but with marshall reunited with cutler it is less likely. Couples is a top 5 talent that fell due to underscheiving. He still produced well and is a physical beast

20. Titans- Dre Kirkpatrick CB- frankly I think hes going to bust but titans supposedly like him and are desperate for a CB

21. Bengals- Whitney Mercilus De/OLB- would take a CB but none are worth the spot her. They need a pass rusher as well

22. Browns- Kendall Wright WR- browns need a playmaker wright is the best this draft has to offer

23. Lions- Kevin Zeither G- the lions need a G Zeiter is a flat out beast

24. Steelers- Dontari Poe DT/NT- the steelers love him they may take hightower to replace farrior but poe is a physical beast with tons of upside

25. Broncos- Michael Brockers DT- Brockers is top 10 talent and has the highest upside of any DT in this draft. Broncos need a DT and it will come down to worthy or brockers

26. Texans- Nick Perry DE/OLB- Texans need to get Mario Williams replacement Hightower is also a huge possibility here

27. Patriots- Janoris Jenkins CB- Patriots really really need a CB he is the best cover corner in draft and would be a top 5 pick if off the field issues weren't a concern

28. Packers- . Shea McClellin, DE/OLB- Packers have a decent secondary but really need someone opposite Mathews as they only could muster 28 sacks last year

29. Baltimore Ravens- Peter Konz C/OG- an elite C prospect who "fell" due to a subpar combine turn on the tape and he is a beast. Fills a huge need as well

30. 49ers- Ruben Randle WR-

31. Patriots- Chandler Jones OLb- They picked up their CB just 4 picks ago now they go after a pass rusher

32. Giants- Coby Fleener TE- sorry niner fans fleener lands with the giants. After the departure of manningham . Fleener fills a need at TE and another receiving option. Look for jonathan martin and amini silatolu to also be a possibility

Ruben Randle - What? The 49ers pass on coby Fleener? Randle fills a need at WR he is big at 6 3 and 210 pounds. He ran a good 40 and is big and strong. He breaks a lot of tackles and makes great catches away from his body. He looks exactly like Hakeem nicks with his huge hands. He may run one of the best routes in the draft and is great at running a slant. He has decent deep speed (although not a burner) and is a threat at all levels of the field. The best part is he is only 20 and has tons of upside. He is a very hard worker and many project is a perfect fit for the WCO. He has been shooting up draft boards since the combine due to his game film. Keep in mind he will be a great RZ threat as well
From Walterfootball:

It looks like Randle would be a perfect fit in a West Coast offense that works through ball-control passing. He is a very good slant receiver and that is a staple route in the West Coast offense.

** TRADE**

2nd round: amini silatolu G- We trade up in the 2nd round and pick up amini silatolu. He is a flat out physical specimen who I think will be a great player. He may need some coaching up as he may be a bit All his problems are coacand he will need to adjust to the talent. However facing against justin smith and ray mac should help speed the learning curve. Another physical specimen who is drawing comparisions to larry allen.

4th round: Mike Martin DE- Some De depth here after Mcdonald and justin smith we don't have much quality depth. Martin had 64 tackles 3.5 sacls and 7 TFL in his senior year. Had one of the better senior bowl week as he showed he can get to the qb consistently on one on one by both bull rush and speed rush. Showed his athlethicisim at his combine as he ran a 4.8 and showed extreme explosiveness finishing well in his 10 yd split. The real question is if he is such an athlethic freak why didn't he produce more in college? We do have one of the best DL coaches in nfl and can make the most of him as he can definitally be a dimond in the rough type of player

5th round: Tavon Wilson FS/SS- baalke loves players who can play multiple positions Wilson played CB before moving to SS and he can also play FS. He ahs received a lot of intrst from many yteams he had 80 tackles 7 TFL and 2 int 1 FF. I don't expect him to push for a starting job but we have no backups at the S spot

6th round: Julian miller DE/OLB- If brooks or aldon smith go down we don't have any backups after Haralson. Those OLB can get tired really quickly. He had 11 TFL and 6 sacks this past season. Has solid strength and good speed. Sleeper prospect

7th round: Chris Owusu WR- Little do people know he actually had the fastest time in the 40 at the combine- well actually tied for 1st with Hill. He has decent hands and has a good physical skill set however was inconsistent at Stanford. He also constantly got injured and had concussion problems. This time last year he was expected to go in 2nd to 3rd round in this draft so the talent is there. I expect him to be a PS player he wont make any 53 man roster and he has a ton of upside as a slot WR

Some notes:

RB: we have gore hunter Jacobs no need to overload this position we can pick up gores replacement next year after Jacobs deal is done if need be where they are far more superior prospects.

CB: rogers, brown, culliver (who looks like he will be a great CB), cox (great CB with off the field issues) and brock I don't see us burning pick on CB unless he can play S

G- ya I only picked up 1 G I know we lost 2. We traded up for Kilgore for a reason I think he can be a quality player not to mention we still have Davis who can slide to RG while we stick Boone at Rt. Keep in mind Kilgore and silatolu have taken snaps at C so if Goodwin goes down either of them can step up

WR: I only picked up 1 where ive seen many pick up 2. Crabtree, manningham, randle moss, KW and gin are enough Randle is 20 and young. He can take over moss and the #1 position in the future . I expect crabtree to play the slot and manningham to play opposite of moss who will routinely switch with randle
Nice mock. I'm starting to warm up to Randle, but only if Fleener is already gone. In your mock we pass on Fleener? If Coby is still on the board at 30 i have to believe they will take him. My reasoning is that when you draft a player unfamiliar with your system (Randle) , it takes at least a season for them to get used to the new system. In Fleener's case, that learning time should be greatly reduced due to his familiarity with Roman's offensive style (ie- Fleener won't have to learn any new terminology, but Randle may have to.) It's a small detail but if we can reduce the smaller details, then we can focus on the bigger ones. Otherwise a very solid mock. I'm also a big fan of Silatulo in the 2nd. Mike Martin may be the steal of the draft. Go Niners!
awesome job man. really good mock!!
Nice draft
Originally posted by kronik:
Nice draft

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so crabs and randle lining up together. not very exciting for the future. we dont need two of the same wr's
Awesome mock. One of my favorite. Love all the choices
Originally posted by fan49:
so crabs and randle lining up together. not very exciting for the future. we dont need two of the same wr's

ive seen you say this before but im not to sure what you mean by thsi

radnle is much more pro ready coming out coming from an offense where he has run many pro style routes (oneo f the better route runners this draft). He also is much bigger and stronger than crabtree. I think he may be a bit faster as well
Wouldn't mind Randle, but only if Hill and Fleener are gone.
Good stuff!

Good work I like this draft a lot
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