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Has anyone in the Zone been to the NFL

I'm seriously thinking about joining the 49er section next week and looking straight into the eyes of Coby Fleener as he holds up his jersey while taking photos with Roger Goodell I wanted to go last draft, but I assume a massive line is formed early in the morning, and I just didn't wake up early enough (I live in NYC, btw). I'm wondering if anyone in the Zone has had this experience and has some advice to dispense. I'd only do it for the 1st round, though.
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I wish........
i think its kind of a waste imo

its not like a game at all since its a lot of waiting around and you get better analysis of the players at home
It might be worth it just to boo the Eagles' pick along with their fans I'll definitely have a Bronx cheer saved up for the Giants' pick. I just know Midtown's gonna be a madhouse. They might even have the streets around Radio City Music Hall blocked off. If I do end up going, I could bring my laptop to Zone it up during all that down time. But if people are camping out the night before, then yeah, I'll just set up my own little draft war room at home.
Not worth standing in line for.
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
i think its kind of a waste imo

its not like a game at all since its a lot of waiting around and you get better analysis of the players at home

I don't see how you would get better analysis. I've never been to the draft but according to this article:
Even for fans at Radio City Music Hall, the presence of large video screens (one-ear headsets are distributed for listening to either NFL Network or ESPN) spoils the surprise.
It would be exactly like being at home, except your live for all the picks and booing/cheering and all that.
I don't live in the northeast. Not going to NYC for that. LOL. Will watch on TV. Yes people from the WZ have been there. Not worth going for the #30 pick.
Went last year and will be goin next week it's a fun time and everything's free
I believe Fricker has gone before
It's awesome. It's free, but you need to show up the day before and wait in line for about five hours to get your ticket. It's totally worth it, and you get a bunch of free stuff

It's even more boring than watching it on TV.
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My dad was about to get tickets for me and him to go (for our birthdays), but I told him I'd rather meet up in the Redwoods for a week in the wilderness. Good decision. He's a Rams fan so I understand why he wanted to go.
I would, but don't want to stand in line. Not worth it, especially when we don't pick till 30, and no guarantee we stay at 30, either trade up or out of rd 1.
No.... But I have been to Chucky Cheese.
What time should I show up? I want to miss anything, if I can help it.
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