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Mile High Final Mock

I like everything but the Wagner pick.
So a 1st round pick that wouldn't be a starter for at least 3-4 years? Sorry, I stopped reading the mock right there. We can find situational pass rushers in rounds 3-5.
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Quite possibly the worst 1st round pick I've seen in any mock. If Wagner was a pass rusher, I would at least understand it...but he's at best a very nice 4-3 weakside LB (which is not our scheme) or a potential 3-4 ILB, in which case using a 1st rounder would be silly (especially since we have a couple of guys named Bowman and Willis as starters, and just re-signed Grant and Gooden as depth).

So you're using a 1st round pick on a position that is completely stacked (ILB) or on a position that he has neither the size or the ability for (3-4 rush linebacker).

What would be more realistic if you wanted a LB here is someone like Andre Branch, Chandler Jones, Shea McClellin, etc., or if they were to fall, guys like Nick Perry and Whitney Mercilus. I could see that as a nice fit as a backup/successor to Brooks, though it might be wiser to address this with a lower pick and go with a development guy.

I have to agree. terrible 1st round pick
I highly doubt we spend a first rounder on an OLB. The 49ers LB corp. is THE best in the league. You think we spend the 30th overall on depth?
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