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Maiocco's Mock

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I wouldn't mind this, but only if Hil, Fleener or Randle are gone.
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I can't imagine we draft another 1st round O-lineman
No OL in first round. Not going to happen. If things start looking like Fleener and Randle are likely to be off the board at #30 then we should trade up 5-10 spots to get one of them.
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Love the pick, Harbaugh type player.
f**k taking another 1st rd olineman
yes to CB/WR.

No to TE/OL.
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Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
f**k taking another 1st rd olineman

well its a wise much needed pick. besides you can get a good wide out like mcnutt in round two
Want Hill in the 1st round
Trade up for Fleener

What I think is realistic in MM's mock is the sharing of offensive and defensive picks. As much as I'd like the first three picks to be offense, a DT in the 2nd makes sense. I understand the reservations about OL in the 1st. But then the second round pick most likely would be defense, so that would leave the OL to the 3rd round. We already have players who can play at the level of a rookie 3rd rounder: Kilgore, Boone. An OL in the first, DT in the second, WR (Childs, Quick) in the 3rd or 4th (Streeter, Matthews, Jenkins).

Streeter is intriguing because with his height and experience he could immediately supply third down and red zone help.
I'm not a huge draft guru. I don't study players like some on the board but I like the looks of Matt M's draft. The positions anyways. It has us stocking up for the future.
LOL Same two picks I had in rounds 1 and 2 in my mock. I love his mock. Very solid.
1st round pick should be ready to start...Hill, Randle, et al aren't. Zeitler is...he'd upgrade RG now, then slide over to C when Goodwin declines. KZ has been practicing C this off-season, and can be coached up by Solari & Co. He's a big bad dude...very blue collar, which Harbaugh will want. You can still get a quality WR in 2nd, 3rd. My personal choice would be Quick, good size, decent speed, but above all, an excellent route runner, again, something Harbaugh wants. I like Matt's addresses the positions we need help/depth with. Pierce, the Temple RB, is also very good and is the size Harbaugh's looking for. My own personal favorite is Miles Burriss, an outstanding OLB from San Diego St. Let's see how close he comes to what Baalke does...
The more I look at this mock the more I love it. It is the best I have seen. Solid from beginning to end.
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