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Phoenix49ers Mock Draft v2.0

Have the 49ers ever drafted someone that none of you has heard of? Except for a few teams, I don't follow college football too closely.
Nice work. Pretty solid draft.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by YouGotGored:
no to Fleener

Absolutely, 49ers have more than enough big-bodied playmakers who already know the offense, run excellent routes and can be important contributors in the red-zone and on 3rd down.

Phoenix49ers is funny hahaha......What do you think about Nick Toon in the 3rd??? I question his seperation, but sh*t, he caught everything!
Not bad...but, it doesn't include an OG or even a C. If for whatever reason Baalke can't get Fleener in the 1st rd, then take Zeitler. If he does, then go OG in 2nd rd. It's a considerably bigger need than another DL.
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