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Supplemental Draft QB

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Originally posted by sfout:
not if the NFL feels he simply running away from a problem. It could go either way but it just wouldn't look good now after his coach got shown the door after a scandal.

The NFL would be opening up one hell of a can of worms if they allowed Wilson in, would they allow Knile Davis another draft eligible player into the supplemental? What about Dennis Johnson or Cobi Hamilton their leading rusher and receiver from 2011? What if they heard they had 3rd or 4th round grades this past year decided that it could get worse next year in a new system.

They might be on track to graduate this semester as it really just depends on the degree they chose and the course load they've taken throughout their time at school. It would be too much of a hassle to allow 1-4 players from the same school into the draft all for "graduating early" immediately after a scandal like that.

We've got our beliefs and I'm not trying to change your mind or anything but thats how I see it.

But you're fascinated on how it looks. Yes if you want to look at the glass as half full and stick to the "well the NFL is letting them in because their coach got fired" angle. Then yes they are opening up a can of worms. If they stick to what they've done in the past then all they have top do is use the graduation angle. FWIW it's not "graduating early" as Wilson has been in school 4 years as he is a red shirt Junior.

Another thing to note. This is the first time that all spots are slotted. So in the past players trying to leave would cost them money as opposed to sticking it out. So don't be surprised to see more supplemental players over the next few years.
Originally posted by WildBill:
1) We have more pressing needs
2) I don't think he is better at this time than what we have already
3) Doesn't matter what you or I think we need or who has the talent-that lies with JH and TB.
We all know that. Almost everything in these threads are pure speculation. You don't need to point it out
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^ what more pressing needs do we need other than QB and a Guard? We can get a G on free agency. Yes Smith is better right now but I'm looking for an elite QB.
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