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Martysofresh Mock Draft 2.0

Originally posted by nickbradley:
Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
I don't know if you are being serious or trying to be funny.

The final line is a joke/quote from the Billy Madison movie.

Lol. I got it. But umm look at the Vikings, they are in desperate need of a CB and in desparate need of a WR if you look at the needs of who's drafting after us at 30 and before them at 35. That pick is alot more valuable to them than it is to us. Soo keep your points to yourself bro. You can't put value points on players when you don't have much breathing room. Go look at the Vikings roster and depth chart.
As a matter of fact, everyone on the Zone is now Dumber from hearing your opinion.
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I like Konz a lot...but we'll have to trade up to get him. Ravens see him as their replacement for Matt Birk. Overall, I like your mock a lot...the Konz, Quick and Turbin picks will help jump-start Harbaugh's offense. Also really like the Winn and Massaquoi picks on defense. I'm not sure Winn will last 'til the 4th rd, though.
Originally posted by valrod33:
You lost me at Elvis Aflac. such a stupid name. dont want

Falls in the categoty with Tiki Barber and Elvis Dumervil. Names have nothing to do with talent.
You'd be good friends with the guy that didnt want Robert Turbin because he had dreads
Originally posted by niners9:
i like everything but the turbin pick, we dont need more RBs. its hard to say that turbin is better than davis and jacobs, maybe davis but not jacobs. we have 5 RBs on our roster already, no need to add another. as far as everything else goes, you drafted positions of need. so good job!

basically my logic was Jacobs beats Dixon for the spot on the roster. Turbin is the 4th string RB for 1 yr. (cartwright doesnt count because he's Costanzo's replacement on ST and nothing more). Jacobs is on a one yr contract soo he's gone next year. and we'll have 3 Rbs. Gore, Hunter, and Turbin.when the 2014 season comes around.
Originally posted by lamontb:
Folks an there mystical trade back scenario's


was thinking the same thing.......
I'd love that draft.
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