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Geek's Final Mock Plan

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Originally posted by niners9:
i agree with everyone else that we need to draft a WR earlier. you pointed out that a rookie WR may not be active on gamedays, which could be true. but with what happened last year with injuries, i think harbaugh wants solid depth, plus we r not sure what moss can bring. getting a guy like streeter, mcnutt, adams or some other WR in rounds 2-4 would really help now and the future at the position.

i also like your trade and think it is very realistic that the browns would do that. and overall i like the draft, you cover every need. nice work!

Appreciate the kind words.

I do agree about the WR need in retrospect, but I didn't see BPA value at the spots in this mock. They may have to slightly reach to snag a WR in the 3rd-4th rounds.
You lost me at Egnew. I would rather have a Wr at that spot.
Originally posted by TXNinerFan52:
I like the trade, but I think we need a WR early. Randy Moss has not done anything with his last two teams. I'm not counting on Moss to give us too much, if he does its like icing on the cake.

Agree. Would really like to get Stephen Hill as our reciever.
Good mock and thank you for an actual explanation of a plausible trade. I'd take a WR over Egnew though.
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Solid draft like the trade down to get more picks. Agree with others we need to draft a WR early in 1st 3 rounds I like Brain Quick in the 3rd....
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Given there are very few roster spots to be had, I'm thinking Baalke trades up once, maybe twice to get the best players he can, somewhat irregardless of their position. I see them coming away with 4-5 very good players, among them hopefully OG/C, WR, TE (Fleener), RB & DL/OLB.
The more I think on it the more I think bpa at #30. We dont need to trade back or trade up, I say we pick Doug Martin I think at that spot hes the bpa. Hes an all around complete rb who catch and pass protect. Rueben Randall in the 2nd. Derek Wolfe in the 3rd. Best guard available in the 4th
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