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The Trade Down Mock Draft (3-30-12)

tis isnt the year to trade down it is the year to trade up

although i would love to get alshon jeffer( and if we trade down all the better) id rather trade up for floyd or wright

the only position that can be upgradeed this draft is WR

moss- 35 1 year removed from nfl in which he had 80 yards in 10 games in 2010 hardly a sure thing

both manningham and crabs are good players but neither are #1 WRs
Why is everyone so high on Fleener? i mean we got vernon davis and D walker how many tight ends do we need?
52 according to Harbaugh
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Originally posted by D-Money:
<blockquote class="quote">It sounds like a good idea, but that draft was not good. . Every single player drafted would be a backp and a back up without rotating in very often. I might take Fleener over the whole draft.

11 returning starters on defense and 8 or 9 starters atleast on offense not a lot of room for anything but backups.

who wants to draft back ups?

Established teams who don't have to draft starters cause they already have them. That's who.

you can not tell me a coach with any kind of common sense would go into a draft thinking "lets get some back ups" thats a "c'mon maaaaaaaaaaan" moment.
Co -sign!
There is only one reason to trade back, and that is the players you want at that position isn't there, and the next set of players you want are projected such that you feel you can get later. Only one reason to trade up and that is the player you want is at a position you feel you can trade up to a price beneficial to you and that you feel a certain team(s) ahead of you may might him. You can be sure the niners have called or are calling around and asked what is the price you want for this pick to several teams already.

With that said, you draft for a person who is going to start or play considerably with hopefully the picks in the first three rounds at least (the niners did that except with QB, which is the exception unless you are desperate). This year I don't see us getting anybody at safetey, don't care for the talent. They may go for a CB to convert to saftey though, but with a late pick. However, I feel they will package picks to move up and it will happen with any of the first three picks. I think the niners go guard in either the first or second round.
I think if anything, Baalke will do some trading up...if he/Harbaugh come out of the draft with 4-5 very good players, it'll be mission accomplished. With a full roster now, it's going to be pretty tough for anything but top talent to crack the roster.
Originally posted by iceberg450r:
Why is everyone so high on Fleener? i mean we got vernon davis and D walker how many tight ends do we need?

Delainie does the job from a blocking/mismatch standpoint but not much in the way of actual production. For Harbaugh's offense which is so Tight End-centric with base 2 Tight End sets it'd be a great boost to our offense to have two dominant Tight Ends. Plus Delainie could fit as an auxiliary player who does a bit of everything.
If we trade, we trade up, not that many holes to fill, we should be darting 3-4 guys, that's all. We are not rebuilding we are reloading, Fleener, Turbin, a #4 wr, and D-line depth, all we need!
I figure we have probably 40 or so locks on the roster as it stands today. Still have needs in the secondary, we have Spillman backing up both safety spots and still need to replace Reggie Smith who played about a 1/3 of the downs last year. OLB is another spot with Parys backing up both spots, the risk of rolling with only 3 guys for another year might prove to be too much. And then on offense it's pretty much a free for all at every spot except QB.

I figure someone reaches for Fleener and we roll with Kilgore at guard, if that happens trading down could be very appealing.

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