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49ers 1st Round Draft Board v2.0

I like the board, but would guess the Niners have a little different order... mainly lowering the value of lineman. Boards are set with so many "other" variables, one of them being investments in position groups. With the rookie wage scale, its not as big of a problem, but at the same time we have 3 niner 1st round picks on the line. Not saying Baalke would ignore a great lineman that falls to us, but his board may put more of an emphasis on other positions like WR or CB based off of team needs as well as draft depth. If Konz and Hill/AJ are both at #30, Baalke could look at the draft depth, take the WR and target someone like that Kent St. Center in the 3rd.

It could happen, but it's just hard to see an organization having/wanting 4 first round picks on the O-line, especially with the 4th being an interior lineman.
Yea I can agree. I wouldn't have a problem with Konz at all and I would take him over Wright. i just think they should have safety on the radar b/c i don't see any depth behind Whitner and Goldson. And it's insurance if Goldson isn't resigned long term.
If we get Konz at #30 it will be a steal. Write it down. And Matt Birk as a comparison?! NO, not at all. Konz is more athletic and has that rip your face off demeanor.
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Delanie is a free agent next year so taking Fleener, (even though I don't think he's the top option), makes alot of sense.

Agree with you on this one.
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with all the FA additions, i'm almost 100% sure we go OG with our first pick.

Hey Jeff, I dont think so. I think they Love Kilgore and if you think about it other than Crabtree we dont have a WR signed for the longterm. Gotta get one

A week ago, I would have agreed with Jeff, I've read some things and watched some "highlights" from Kilgore and realized that he was a 5th round puck due to lack of need, high talent depth in that draft, and coming from a small school. After a year of coaching from our staff, Kilgore should be ready. Teams are built in the 3rd,4th, and 5th round
Reuben Randall!
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