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Ollie Ols Sports "My 4ier Mock Draft"

... How do u all like it??
whowwwww... i attached my mock draft.. how come i can't see the pictures?
meh go ducks
2 RBs? Nah. Can I guess that someone is a Pac-12 fan?
Like the lineman, but that's it.
The worst mock I've seen so far this offseason.
Originally posted by nickbradley:
The worst mock I've seen so far this offseason.

yall cold.

i suggest you at least put the slot that the niners took each guy. Plus it would be better if you actually broke down yoru trade scenerio in which they got James.

Crick is nowhere near a Justin Smith type. Long with the Rams reminds me of Justin.
Nice try - Don't like it.

You mentioned a trade back - w/whom and what exactly do we get in return?

2 RB - NO!
Not good. At all. Not even kind of.
Come on guys cut him a break, good job 9moon. I think Harbaugh may push for PAC-12 guys like you do. Besides the first pick who I like but not for our team, the rest of the draft was right on.
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