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Any chance we pull a Ditka?

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The key word there was "valuable service". What was the value that we owe Gore so much for? Would you prefer personal stats? How many years did he lead the league in rushing? TD's? Anything? He had ONE great season which he turned into a huge payday, and never came close to those numbers again. So my way of thinking may be "silly" to you, but I feel the same way about people that think we owe Gore something for his "valuable service" that he was already over paid for.

He has been to the pro bowl 3 times. He is the all time leading 49er rusher (ahead of 2 hall of famers and Roger Craig). He racked up yardage on the 05,06,07 teams, which were horrible squads and completely devoid of talent.

He is still a 1000+ yard back at the very least. However he is also the emotional leader, a fan favorite, and represents everything this team has overcome in the last seven years.

Trading Gore now would be the equivalent of letting Walter Payton get to the super bowl and not letting him score a touchdown in a blowout. Only an idiot would do that to Payton and we wouldn't want to pull an idiot move like that.


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