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stever full first round mock

Originally posted by BigBug415:
The Bengals own the Raiders #17 pick.

Oops, my fault #1.

But the bengals really need a guard, too, so the Decastro selection remains in place.
Originally posted by 49erThrowback:
If they pick Fleener, it's because they know Walker isn't a long term answer for that position (either because he can't carry the load or he leaves with FA next year). I think it's more likely that if a G or G/C falls a bit, the Niners will trade up to grab him if it doesn't cost too much. This is going to be a crazy draft and my hunch is that a bunch of receivers, RBs, and tackles will go early, pushing down a few players at other positions. Personally I think Fleener will be off the board before #30, too.

I am not so sure. I think Fleener is a little bit overhyped on this board. He is a good player, but there are some concerns about his back problems and his ankle, and i think it is very possible, that he drops out off round 1. And i stay with my oppinion, we will not pick up a 3rd receiving tight end
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
the bounty hunters dont have a 1st rd pick, it belongs to the pats

sorry, updated the mock to reflect that
I think Fleener makes a lot of sense when you consider Walker's in the last year of his contract. Besides, Fleener's such an accomplished receiver, and at 6-6 what a target for Alex. He should go a long way toward fixing the 3rd down converson and RZ issues the offense had last season.
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