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Anthony Dixon's Draft Replacement

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Either of these three and I'm happy Martin, Ball, Turbin
WAy too slow.
If Lamar Miller is there at 60, or even falls within a few picks of our spot in the 2nd round, we should get him.
I think we should draft RB in the first two rounds.
Originally posted by Num1player16:
Either of these three and I'm happy Martin, Ball, Turbin

I just watched this video of Turbin. This dude looks awesome. He looks like what we thought we were getting in Dixon. He remindes me of a poor mans Steven Jackson. I am completely on board the Turbin bandwaggon. Turbin in round 3 please.

I was just looking at his profile on ESPN, and the guy is from Fremont, so he is a local guy. I bet he shows up for the local pro day in a few weeks. The profile lists him at 5-10 216 which is surprising; after watching the video I thought he was 6-3 230 lol. The guy plays big.
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chris polk is my pick for niners----can run between the tackles and catchs the ball.
Stay away from Gannaway. Big back that plays very soft. Not a fan.

I know we should probably target a big back, but I really like LaMichael James. Probably a long shot that we take him anyways.

A running back we should keep an eye on is Jeremy Stewart out of Stanford. He may go undrafted, but I see a lot of quickness from a back his size.
Originally posted by DRUSTOPO:
Jesus I hope not...

Not that he's really setting the league on fire, but the year they drafted Coffee, the Jets traded up to grab Sean Green right ahead of us. Green would have been a perfect fit for us. To hate on Glen Coffee even more, remember we had LeGarrett Blount initially. I think he saw our roster with Gore, Coffee and recently drafted Dixon, and went to TB for a better shot at starting. I think if Coffee "retired" before the draft instead of after, we would have had Blount backing up Gore.


I'm really not sure that the roster was the reason Blount didn't sign with us. He went to the Titans instead, who were just as stocked (probably more so) with Chris Johnson, Javon Ringer, and somebody else who was looking great in pre-season. The Titans released Blount, and then he went to the Bucs.

Jacobs in
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Originally posted by Magzarillious:
Jacobs in

this. Guess that tool Cohn got it right with his wild guess.
Guess it's Brandon Jenkins instead.
Dixon was just replaced by Jacobs. Finally we got a big that wont be useless in shortyard and goal line situations
I'd still draft Turbin...idc. Jacobs is still soft and might get released if he sucks for us..clearly I'm being biased lol. But who cares, Turbin should be the future
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