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Would a team ever draft a player mainly to screw another team??

On the Giants board they seem to want Fleener.

They know we have interest in Fleener because of Harbaugh, but are talking up VD & Delanie and saying we don't need another TE.

If the Giants got Fleener, how would you feel?

There's BPA, drafting for need, and possibly drafting to screw another team....haha.

Of course that can't be the sole basis, but assuming it's a toss up between Fleener and another guy, part of me thinks you don't want the Giants to get him.
F the giants, but I like the title of the thread. I think trades are made to screw over those teams for others to move ahead in the draft, not actually drafting that same player. With that being said, I'm sure it has happened before and that GM has probably been fired.
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We pick ahead of them so it's not like it matters if they want to screw us over lol.
Ok...just hope that if Fleener doesn't land with us, that he doesn't end up in NY.

The Colts, Browns, Jags, etc. would be ok. Just not our nemesis!
Tell you what I'd rather have him go to the Giants, then anyone in our division.
No, I don't think any team (accept for Miami) is that short sighted. Giants need a TE face it when one of our cast off TE from 3 years ago is your 2nd TE you need help.
why would you waste a first round pick just to spite a team?

if Fleener is BPA or someone our coaching staff wants, we pick him
That's why you gotta be a poker player when playing the draft. You don't want teams to jump in front of you if you make it so obvious.

So if Fleener is still available......yes the Giants might try to jump ahead of us, if they "Really" like him.

And the good teams usually draft BPA just for that very you snatch guys away from other teams just because a guy is there.

If you are in front of a rival in the division, some of that might come into play.
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Mainly--absolutely no.

I can see the NYers trading up to get Fleener...right ahead of the to answer your question......yes.
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Originally posted by nw9erfan:
I can see the NYers trading up to get Fleener...right ahead of the to answer your question......yes.

Of course, the NY Giants have no need for a tight end.
I can see the Cowgirls, Giants, Cards, Rams, and Seahawks doing it to us. Now I have no proof of this but I think this kind of thing happens more often than people think. This is why, unless teams have the first pick, teams tend to be ultra secretive about who they really like. Teams draft guys they never worked out and workout guys who they know full well they have no intention on drafting.
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NO not at all.

If it happened - great. BUT teams always pick to get better not to spite some other team. [Although it could be fun!]
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