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D-Money's 3 Rounder w/trades! (all teams/in depth)

Originally posted by lamontb:
Yea homie you went trade crazy. Not sure why the Bills would trade up when coples can easily fall right to them of just take Ingram. Not to mention their front 4 is pretty much set. Eagles just made a trade for Ryans so I can't see them trading up.

Yeah didn't know that, but trades and FA will change the draft up
Sorry guys, this 3 rounder is for real draft enthusiast. Just my take on how this draft will go down. Don't sleep on Lamar Miller either, Baalke was at Miami's pro day, and while he may have been there to see Streeter, I think we are targeting Miller.
dam this must have taken you forever. This would be a very busy first day of the draft but dont see most of those trades going down.

Lamar miller??? i think doug martin would be better

I like the reyes and hayward picks tho
Originally posted by hofer36:
uh yeah

Seems Gil Brandt is reconsidering his position.
so we get 46 and 77 for 33?
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