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I know everyone wants a receiver, but who else might we potentially end up with?

We all know that we need a WR, but what if we end up getting 2 more good WR's in Free Agency? We still need a RG, a CB, and potentially a RB? Who else do you see potentially falling to us?
I can see us finding a way to draft Dre Kirkpatrick if he's in our range or Randle/Hill.
Nah we're trying to tie up our Cb's in FA. I can see With our 1st 4 picks we'll go for:
2 x WR
1 x RG
1 x RB

1 Wide receiver may end up being a TE but an offensive weapon none the less and I only see a Running back being picked if it's the right one, if the option isn't there we won't jump to it.

Redzone efficiency is our biggest problem, we sort that out and the Defence and ST do the same job as last year we win a SB
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I was thinking maybe CB but it seems that's what we're gearing toward in FA right now if the rumors are true.

I'd be happy if it went something like: 1. WR 2. RG 3. best pass rusher(olb or DT depth) 4. RB

But most of those needs can be moved up or down depending on BPA, pass rusher in the 1st is never a bad option if we feel good about who's left. RG in the first could be possible except that's a ton of first round talent on the line. I really don't see us going RB in the first because we aren't desperate for a starter at the moment and hunter shows we can find depth in mid rounds.
If we sign Rogers, Carr or Wright we would have 5 CBs so that might be off the list.

Between free agency and the draft we need:
2-3 WRs (Moss, Crabtree, Williams only on roster)
RG (Only Kilgore/Person on roster)
Future C
Dixon Upgrade?
Maybe safety and DL depth, maybe 3rd ILB (if grant isn't back and they don't trust Gooden)
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if we dont go WR we go RG (with carlos rogers back)
Very few teams have the luxury we do of going into the draft with very few holes. The only glaring need is WR. One more FA and one of our top two picks will take care of that.

Because of this, we need to draft for the future, and take strong players at positions we'll need so we don't experience a drop off.

We definitely need to draft a D-lineman in the first three rounds. I have my eye on Jared Crick and Kendall Reyes. Crick especially is a high-motor guy, but both are strong players against the run who can take up blockers to allow our pass-rushers to get in.

And we should look at a RB. Gore's play declined as the season went on, and this will only get worse. Hunter is a great talent, but isn't an every-down back. We should look at someone like Doug Martin to come in with an eye on being in a committee with Hunter down the line.

I'd love to go Hill (or Fleener) in the 1st, Martin in the 2nd, Crick in the 3rd, and someone like Potter or Washington at RG in the 4th.

Draft for ST and a project QB in the later rounds.
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Fleener at #30

Delanie's contract is up after this season, and I'm not sure if he'd want to come back. He could be a starting TE on a lower tier team, whereas on the Niners, he will always have to split time with VD.
Drafting Fleener would give us the option to run a double TE set like New England even if Delanie leaves.
Draft BPA WR in the 2-4 rounds.
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everyone and their momma knows we're trying to give this offense a shot in the ass. Our passing "attack" was fkn horrid last season. That needs to be fixed.
i think the niners take a defensive lineman high in draft...smith and mcdonald dont need to play as many minutes as they did last year.....smith is goiung to be 32 and mcdonald has knee injury history
Okay now that Rogers is back. CB isn't a big need.. Probably go with a developmental guy now.

RG, C, OLB and S are needs. Other than that I think we just go BPA.

Even if we get another WR in FA I still see us picking up a couple WRs in the draft. It's too deep not to take advantage and put a couple of guys on the PS.

I could see us going Fleener at this point.
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Believe it or not, I would not be all too surprised if RB winds up high on the list. Gore is creaking at this point in his career and Harbaugh likes to run. However, the more conventional play would be the middle of the line unless the coaches truly believe Kilgore is the answer at RG. We won't know the answer to that until after the draft.

Lots of BPA possibilities all through the draft for a team that doesn't have any huge needs other than WR.
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