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my 1st mock of the draft season

rd 1---stephon hill wr georgia tech---if he is there niners should take him..if not take fleener....he would serve the purpose that a kendall wright or ted ginn could serve in taking the top of the defense, bringing big play capability to the niners receiving corp

rd 2--chris polk rb washington---niners offense is still based on the power run, gore slowed down as season progressed and this guy is a good inside runner, pass catcher and does not fumble the ball...a three headed running attack (gore, hunter and polk)would suit the niners well

rd 3--trevor guyton def end california. or tyrone crawford def end boise state..niners want to add some depth on the dline, these guys would be a good fit as a 3-4 five techniaue, bioth look very quick off the ball and can add a pass rushing threat to the backup def lineman

rd 4--jamell fleming cornerback oklahoma or asa jackson cornerback cal poly---fleming did a good job covering marvin mcnutt in there game and Jackson is fast and could be used to cover slot receivers and return kickoffs

rd 5--jermaine kearse wr washington, or greg childs wr arkansas---could add more needed wr depth and be more of a go to threat on 3rd downs than stephon hill would serve---

rd 6--vontez burifect ilb arizona state---i hearing his stock is dropping big time, and he might be great value if still on the board here...he fits the niners profile of being a tough physical team, and could step in for larry grant if grant leaves given his recent 7th round tender

rd 7--ryan davis lb bethune cookman or adrian hamilton oln prarie view or delano johnson olb bowie state---niners take flyer on small college pass rushers,,,hamilton has better pass rush moves, i think, but johnson and davis are both tough physical hitters who can also rush the passer

rd 7 --com pick for larry grant----joe martinek fb rutgers or dan paul fb boise state---paul is more of a l;ead blocker in the traditional sense while martinek is a sparkplug type wwho is small for the position but runs hard and can catch the ball
i love polk. but hes down to 212 lbs, i wonder if he will still be able to run inside.
Id still rather have Robert Turbin
I know it's just a 7th rounder, but why pick a FB with the pick you think we'll get if we lose Grant?

Love the Hill pick (he's my draft crush). Polk in the 2nd, I would be fine with just think we should grab a CB sooner than in the 4th (not a Fleming fan at all). I think we could find a really good RB later in the draft too. Polk might even be available in the 3rd. Guys like Turbin, Bernard Pierce, Cyrus Gray, and Tauren Poole are guys that should be available later and, imo, could be very good backs in the NFL.

Burfict in the 6th, I would love it if he's available. He's a knucklehead that commits dumb, type penalties, but he's got huge huge huge talent. And if we could get him focused and reign him, he'd be heck of player for us. I still don't think he makes it to the 6th though.
if we lose rogers we must draft a cb early
Really like the Guyton pick.
Got to commit to your picks. I foresee it going this way:

1) Fleener - Hill will not be there
2) Doug Martin over Polk if he's still there
3) Guyton - good idea, maybe a litttle early but good idea
4) Fleming - bigger CB who the Niners prefer
5) Childs - great value pick and much better receiver than Kearse
6) Don't think Burfict drops this far, but who knows.......alternative would be a faster, small school safety like Thompson from S Carolina St.
7) OLB depth is needed so BPA available
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