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PB's Pre Free Agency Draft Dream


1) TE: Coby Fleener STAN - Hill won't drop to 30 and they need lots of help on offense. He will be an up grade in the redzone at the very leased.
2) **I am hoping PHI gives up their 2nd round 2 pick for Grant**
a) WR: Brian Quick APST - More receiving help for 3rd downs and the redzone. IMO he has the potential to have Burress type impact on the field.
b) DE: Dereck Wolfe CIN - I think he is Justin Smith 2.0. I have seen him from the 2nd round to undrafted in other mocks. He has the tools and attitude the 49ers like.
3) CB: Dwight Bently LAL - He should be able to fill in over the slot. He is 4.3 fast and doesn't shy from contact.
4) OLB: Shae McClellin BST - I hope he lasts till this spot, but he may not. Pick him up for depth and will make a nice addition to the OLB rotation.

5) TE: Drake Dunsmore NW - Yes he is listed as a TE/FB. I see a converted heavy RB. He has the mold, speed, hands, and inelegance of Gergart that Harbs loves. Dixon is all Boobie no Honey Badger.

6) FS: Blake Gideon TX - A John Lynch type player. Senior suffered cuz the entire Texas defense forgot to show up. He is always around the ball. He could take over for Goldson after a year if he never gets his deal.
7) ILB: J.K. Schaffer CIN - Another underrated guy. Not a lot of hype but solid player to take Grant's place

FA: Newcomers

1) WR: Eddie Royal DEN - A speedy return guy that is a deep threat that can catch the ball.
2) WR: Devon Wilie FRES(UDFA) - A ton of upside and lts of KR expierence. I think he will actually fall out of the draft cuz of inj history and size.
3) SS: Matt Merletti UNC(UDFA) - A very strong guy that has a nose for the ball. Good for depth and SPT. Falls out of the draft cuz average speed and inj history.
4) ILB: Brian Hendricks WHY (UDFA) - A tackling machine. Had some 120 + tackles senior year. Will fall in for Gooden.

Depth Chart:

If there is a current player name missingthat is because either he walked in FA or was released. The o-line will get 1 full offseason to gel before any major changes happen. 4 TEs are better than 6 WR. DB's make better Special Teamers IMO so they will be a little heavy in those positions on the 53 roster.

THE O - 24

QB: A.Smith - Kap/Tolzien
RB: Gore - Hunter/Dunsmore
FB: Miller

WR: Crabtree/Morgan - Royal/Quick/Wylie
TE: V.Davis - Fleener/Walker/Byham

OT: Staley/A.Davis - Boone/Persons
OG: Iupati/Snyder - Kilgore
C: Goodiwn

THE D - 26

DE: J.Smith/McDonald - Wolfe/Tukufu
NT: Sopaoga - N.Williams

OLB: Brooks/Ald.Smith - Haralson/McClellin
ILB: Willis/Bowman - Schaffer/Hendricks/Costanzo

CB: Brown/Culliver - Bently/Brock/Holcomb
FS: Goldson - Gideon/Jones
SS: Whitner - Spillman/Meriletti

SPT - 3

K: Akers
P: Lee
LS: Jennings
RS: Royal/Wylie
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You just spent a 5th round pick on a TE and he doesn't even make the team. Waste of a 5th round pick. And with your free agent WR pick ups we're back to square one.
I don't think the top free agent WR will go for what Balke is going to offer them. Royal upgrades Ginn on offense and almost as much on special teams. Add in Morgan coming back with drafting Quick and Fleener I think that is far from square 1. Dunsmore wouldn't be there to play TE. No I dont think we can convert any player to play any position, but with his skillset and the 49ers runningback coaching I could see him doing well. He looked really good at the combine catching passes and showing good power. I don't see it as that far a strech going from playing TE and FB in college to a short yardage back.
why draft a TE in 5th round to convert him to RB? i know we did that with miller, but there will be plenty of descent RBs avaible to pick. Although i like royal and quick, that doesnt upgrade our WRs much. quick has potential but we cant expect him to be a heavy contributer season 1. royal is an upgrade over ginn as far as WR goes, but not much of an upgrade. i also doubt anyone will give up a 2nd for grant, but i am hopeful as well.
sorry homie but this is a mess. So the Eagles would give up a 2nd rounder for Larry Grant instead of just singing Stephen Tulloch or Curits Lofton?
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