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Early Look at 49ers Draft Targets

Here's my post-combine look at the players I think the 49ers are most likely to target. Going into late April, I have a sneaky suspicion that the team's biggest needs will be at WR, CB and OL and here are some players I think the 49ers should and will be looking at over the next few months:

Wide Receiver
1. Kendall Wright, Baylor: Wright disappointed with his 40 time, which could be a blessing in disguise for the 49ers. Watch this kid on film and he's consistently running behind a defense and running past defenders and making them miss. He looks like the type of explosive playmaker the 49ers could really use. If he's there at 30, you have to think he's the 49ers are running up to the podium.

2. Stephen Hill, GA Tech: With his showing, Hill went from 3rd/4th rounder to likely1st rounder, and he just may be the most physically gifted WR in this years draft. Nobody rivals his size/speed ratio and he appears to have some natural WR skills. He's the type of vertical threat that would be perfect alongside Crabtree but also fits the 49ers mold of a WR as a physical blocker that is willing to do all the small things. He will certainly be a tempting choice at the end of Round 1, if he's not taken earlier.

3. Reuben Randle, LSU: Randle doesn't have the explosiveness of Wright or Hill and for that, I don't think he fits what the 49ers are looking for; in fact, you watch his tapes and he reminds you a little of a lankier Michael Crabtree. With that said, he's still an option for the 49ers at #30, but I would prefer to trade back 5-10 spots and try and grab him in the early 2nd Round.

4. Alshon Jeffrey, South Carolina: Jeffrey is another guy that has some real talent, but doesn't really fit the mold of the what the 49ers need. He's a bigger, slower possession WR who struggles to separate (though he could alter that perception if he impresses at his Pro Day). Jeffrey becomes intriguing if the 49ers trade back 10 spots into the 2nd Round - otherwise he would be an over-draft, unless of course he wows people between now and draft day.

5a. Marvin Jones, Cal: Outside of Hill, no WR has helped themselves more this offeseason than Jones. First he dominated Senior Bowl practices and then he went out and tested in the top 5 or 10 of every WR category in the combine. Jones struggled with inconsistent QB play at Cal, but he is an incredibly smooth athlete that can seperate and then make some things happen after the catch. I think he could be a terrific option in the mid to late 2nd Round.

5b. Chris Givens, Wake Forest: Givens is an early-entrant who quietly dominated the ACC and impressed on-lookers at the combine with one of the fastest 40 times. There's some Jeremy Maclin to his game and I think he presents a fantastic value in the 2nd Round.

Mid-Round Sleepers: Junior Hemingway (Michigan), T.J. Graham (NC State), Ryan Broyles (Oklahoma)

1. Janoris Jenkins, N. Alabama: At this point I think it's very unlikely that Jenkins is available when the 49ers pick, but if he is, then he makes a lot of sense for them. He's a talented CB that is equally effective in man or zone coverage and could come in and start from Day 1.

2. Stephen Gilmore, South Carolina: Gilmore is quickly emerging is a top 5 CB prospect in the draft. At 6'0" 190 with 4.40 speed and an impressive career behind him, he has everything you look for in a solid starting CB. I'm starting to believe the 49ers will be looking for a CB early in the draft, and I think Gilmore could get a long, hard look.

3. Trumaine Johnson, Montana: Johnson is a big (6'2" 204), but fluid CB that looks incredibly polished on film and plays a lot faster than his combine 40 time would indicate. Certainly there are questions about his straight-line speed and level of competition, but he looks like a very intriguing prospect towards the end of Round 2.

Mid-Round Sleepers: Brandon Boykin (Georgia), Josh Robinson (Central Florida), Asa Jackson (Cal Poly), Jayron Hosley (Va Tech), Coty Sensebaugh (Clemson), Omar Bolden (ASU)

Other Prospects to Consider
TE Coby Fleener, Stanford: Fleener isn't a need for the 49ers by any stretch, but standing 6'6" 250 with above average speed and great hands he certainly would be another weapon to put alongside Davis and Walker. I think if the 49ers top targets at WR are CB are gone, then Fleener could get some serious consideration.

OL Cordy Glenn, Georgia: Glenn may have pushed himself into the top 20 with his combine, but no matter what happens with OL Adam Snyder, I think the 49ers will be looking to solidify the OG position. If Glenn slips back to #30, he could very well be the pick.

RBs David Wilson, Va Tech and Lamar Miller, Miami: I don't think the 49ers will come in looking to use their 1st Round pick on a RB, but if Wilson and/or Miller are sitting there in the middle of Round 2, I think SF would be tempted to pull the trigger on one of these guys. Both are explosive RBs that also pack some punch and could become the heir apparent to Frank Gore.

OG/OC Peter Konz, Wisconsin: Konz had an underwhelming combine and may have put himself in position for the 49ers at #30. Konz is a big, physical and smart OL that could come in and play OG and eventually take over at OC. It's not a huge need, but he could be a very good value pick.

DL Devon Still, Penn State: DL isn't a need in any way shape or form for the 49ers, but Justin Smith will be 33 next season and you can never have enough big, talented D-linemen. Clearly, I'd love to see Michael Brockers or Dontari Poe in a 49ers jersey but both are looking like locks for the top 20. Still, however, has a chance to slip to the 49ers. He is a big, tough, powerful DT that can excel at the 5-technique and give the 49ers a pretty fearsome rotation. Again, not a need, but could be a very nice value pick.

49ers Mock 2012 Draft
49ers Trade 30th Overall Pick for 35th Overall Pick and Additional 3rd Round Pick

2nd Round: CB Stephen Gilmore South Carolina 6'0" 190
2nd Round: WR Marvin Jones Cal 6'2" 200
3rd Round: RB/WR Chris Rainey Florida, 5'8" 180
3rd Round: OG Kevin Zeitler Wisconsin 6'4" 314
4th Round: DE/OLB Chandler Jones Syracuse 6'5" 260
5th Round: DL Derek Wolfe Cincinnati 6'5" 295
6th Round: CB Coty Sensebaugh Clemson 5'11" 189
7th Round: WR Ryan Broyles Oklahoma 5'10" 192
I don't like the Gilmore pick. I think he had a pretty bad year, this past season. He got beat a lot and tried to use his size to overpower receivers instead of technique. He ended up missing a few tackles because of it. I feel that he's overrated. My co-worker's cousin works for Univ. South Carolina and he said that Gilmore was real lazy and didn't put as much effort in practice.
In 2 years, we're gonna be saying, "Should've picked Hill" watch............
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
In 2 years, we're gonna be saying, "Should've traded up for Hill" watch............

Originally posted by valrod33:
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
In 2 years, we're gonna be saying, "Should've traded up for Hill" watch............


We'd have to trade up with Denver to get ahead of Houston, he looks to be the biggest threat in selecting Hill.
Originally posted by SF69ers:
We'd have to trade up with Denver to get ahead of Houston, he looks to be the biggest threat in selecting Hill.

I think the Pats might show interest as well
Broyles will not drop past 4th round
Solid mock. I think Gilmore fits what Baalke looks for in a starting CB, but if there are legitimate concerns about his work ethic and dedication then he won't even be on our board. Certainly not gold starred. I'd also think it's more likely Chandler Jones is a late 2nd high 3rd rounder as opposed to a 4th and Chris Rainey will be a late round flyer (in my opinion). He's got speed, upside and kick return ability but he's small and has a long list of injury problems. If the picks were Gilmore, M. Jones, C. Jones, Zeitler, Broyles, Wolfe, Sensabaugh, and Rainey I'd be sold.
what about Streeter in your list of WRs. i think he'd be a good pick in the 2nd.
I don't think Hill will be available. I would love the 49ers to get him, but he's really raw. Streeter is another guy with the same numbers that we can get later.

I really wish we woulda picked Jimmy Smith instead of Taylor Mays in the 2010 draft. We would have soo many less problems. (sorry if tht was irrelevant)
I think the pic is Fleener all the way unless wright falls, or neither are there.
Really think you are off on Rueben Randle. He's not my first choice, but a deep threat playmaker, he is. Still... I want this guy.... or this guy...

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