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2012 Offeseason Plan(wcsf123)

I am not going to discuss all our signings (resigning or via FA) , just the main players I think we will sign or resign.


Goldson: Franchise - Around 6 m range

A. Smith - This will get done 8-9 million per year perhaps.

Rodgers : I think we find a way to bring Rodgers back. If he was genuine in his comments about being a niner for a while then both sides should come to a middle ground. A 3-4 year deal is likely.

Snyder- signed and delivered

Morgan – Does not have much leverage due to injury we should get him back cheap

See u later:
Brooks - I don't the niners will pay his market value and then some to keep Brooks , the plan seems to be A. Smith starting from day 1.

Ginn – Gone,Niners will most likely need to look for a KR/PR in the draft , who also will add depth as WR/RB/DB

FA signings:

Robert Meacham - Some might not like Meacham , but I think he is talented WR. He playes on a team with many weapons, but still managed to put of 20 TD's in the last 3 years. He isn't a sexy signing but I don't think the Niners are going to have enough cap space to sign a guy like Jackson or Bowe. He provides the best value as an FA , he will come relatively cheap compares to the other WR's in FA.


Round 1: Pick 30 (30 overall): Cody Fleenar , TE, Stanford – We need the best pass catching option at 30 , and Fleener fits the bill. I think at this point he will be the BPA also,He has the ability to lineup at the WR when needed. Knows the system , check. Height and speed , Check and most importantly Redzone target , Check.

Round 2: Pick 30 (62) : Joe Adams, WR, Arkansas – Underrated WR with great special teams ability. Niners are lacking a consistent vertical threat. Adams is more than a one trick pony he can run pretty good routes and will only get better at the next level. His hands are also pretty good compared to some of the other prospects in the draft.

Round 3: Pick 30 (93) : Bruce Irvin , OLB , WVU – With brooks leaving we need more depth at OLB , very quick player with a solid motor. Will be a situational guy in year one but could develop into an everyday player.

Round 4: Pick 30 (127) : Mike Harris , DB,FSU – Harris is under the radar , but is a pretty decent prospect . Played JUCO in the Bay , then transferred to FSU. Physical DB that is good tackler , will fit in well with our team. Adds more talent to our secondary.

Round 5: Pick 30 (165): Ryan Miller , OG , Colorado

Round 6: Pick 30 (199): Christian Thompson, S, South Car. St

Round 7: Pick 30 (238):Nicolas Jean-Baptiste , DT , Baylor
I like the first three picks. Would like to see a RB in round 4-5 to replace Dixon. Then load up on BPA with emphasis on backfield. Another issue might be if Dobbs could play OLB that would take care of the Brooks replacement if they can't resign him.
Id be happy with this offseason
I'd love this, but don't see Irvin in 3rd round, but overall I think you did a good job
love it
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the only way im ok with fleener as first pick is if we get a fa wr and joe adams
jarius wright is better than joe adams also much better suited for WCO

also if we loose brooks OLB becomes a 1st or 2nd round need
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Don't think Irvin is going to be there in the 3rd, but solid mock.
Really liked the mock.

We also have some players that my gut feeling says will step up and do very well for us. Kilgore, Pearson, Dobbs have spent that last season learning from the bench for the most part. If any or all of them came move up to the next level of play we'll be solid.

I know it's a lot of "what if's" but - tis the season.
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