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I really don't see Fleener going that low, especially with the Giants and Colts needing a TE.


id go Fleener then Randle for the fact that there's still other recievers on the board if Randle is gone. (Quick, Jones,Hill, Streeter etc)

that arent as good

Potential thru the roof though and umm im sure you saw the combine today they all did good. Streeter and Hill increased their stock. Jones, Quick and Randle ran about the same. Though, im well aware that 40times dont really mean much. Every scouting report says that there ALOT of potential for all of them so its just really finding out who you want and then who's gonna be there by the time pick #30 comes around. Randle may be long gone due to the poor 40 time of K.Wright and then the no show of Alshon Jeffrey.