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jobiwon's mock offseason (updated post combine)

I'm excited about the offseason with FA and the Draft and next year. It was a great year last year with Harbaugh. I didn't pay as much attention to scouting college football since I didn't lose all hope like normal. I've been trying to catch up and come up with an offseason plan. SF of courses like to focus on the draft and only supplement with FA. Baalke said there were exceptions if the right player was available. We're at the point in bulding the team where we need quality over quantity. Playing for Harbaugh will help keep FA's at a lower price and attract new ones. Our main attention this offseason will be on rebuilding the offense.From watching Standford, Harbaugh will put a premium on the OL, RB, and TE's over high priced Wr's.We'll still want to mainly run the ball and then play action to the TE's. We need Wr's that can block, get open, and keep the defense honest. The big name Wr's will be overpriced, have various issues, and will want the ball more in a pass first offense. We have enough cap room this year especially with a few cuts, trades, or restructures. The cap will be rising in the coming years with the TV deals so we can also backload a few contracts.

Resign: Alex Smith 3 yr 7mil/yr and full of incentives
Dashon Goldson franchise tag
Ahmad Brooks 4yr 4mil/yr
Josh Morgan 4yr 3mil/yr
C. J. Spillman 3 ys 1/yr
Blake Constanzo 3 yrs 1mil/yr
carlos rogers 4yrs 7mil/yr plus incentives
Larry Grant 2nd rnd tender
Adam Snyder 3 yrs 2mil/yr

Gone:Chilo Rachal
Moran Norris
Brett Swain.
Justin Peelle
Reggie Smith
Madieu Williams
Ted Ginn
Cuts: Shawntae Spencer
Parys Haralson (may keep with a salary cut to come off the bench)

Trade:Michael Crabtree-He attempted to displayed a team first attitude all year, blocked well, and did improve. He still stuggles getting open against man coverage and wants to be in a passing offense and in Texas. Trade him and his contract before he leaves us in the future. We trade him to Dallas or Houston for a 3rd round pick.

Carl Nicks OL 6yrs 7.5mil/yr We set up a dominant OL. We will be able to convert in short yardage and run the ball in the redzone and to close out games. Alex will get more time in the pockets to allow the Wr's to get open. He loses field vision when he starts to look at the rush coming. Hopefully, he'll come here to play at home and with his friend Goodwin.

Pierre Garcon WR- 4 yrs 4mil/yr We get a cheaper WR to start. He runs good routes, catches the ball, and blocks. Another possibilty is Laurent Robinson.

Eddie Royal WR - 4 yrs 3mil/yr We get a great return man who can also play WR, get open and catch the ball. Hopefully, he'll want to come play with his old college teammate Morgan.

We need to get another pick in the first couple round to get another impact player. Instead of trading Crabtree we could trade Kaep if they think Alex is the long term answer or trade next years first.

1st Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford -redzone threat, harbaugh can run 3TE offense
2nd Doug Martin, RB, Boise State -RB of the future to split with Gore, ensures a strong running game
3rdA(trade) Brian Quick, WR, Appalachian State - Tall WR on the outside, enzone threat, our Colston
3rdB Josh Norman CB Coastal Carolina - small school big corner
4th BPA or used to trade up in the 2nd
5th OLB Jacquies Smith, Missouri - backup OLB
6th BPA or used to trade up in the 3rd
7th small school BPA

This is just my quess/dream at the moment. I'm not an expert so I know i'll be off on some of this or that other people will have different views.

(original, updated on page two)
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if we cut crabtree im ok with getting garcon and royal but that leaves our WR as:
brian quick


the ? is because no 1 on roster so probablly scrubs

we will have great depth at WR but no real #1 WR

the fleener pick is ok but i would replace doug martin with hill or someone who at least has a potential to be a #1 WR

RB can wait till next year gore is is still great RB and next years RB is the best ina long long long time
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Crabtree aint going anywhere, we got him for 3 more years
Nice work. Are you really gonna pay Nicks more a year than you are Rogers? I like Nikcs but that's overboard for a guard when I think the real problem is goodwin more so than Synder. Why in the world would you give Morgan a 4 year contract? The Crabtree trade seems really far fetched. And if you cut Parys you need to replace him. You can't just assume Aldon's gonna be ready from day one. That' why Brooks has a ton of leverage in negotiations.

Only draft pick i didn't really like was Martin. I think he's a good back but I'm not sure this is the year to spend a 1st or 2nd rounder on a running back. That pick should be your OLB
We won't spend that much on nicks. We have way to much money allocated to the line. They would rather develop a young guy IMO.
No way.
Originally posted by philosoraptor:
We won't spend that much on nicks. We have way to much money allocated to the line. They would rather develop a young guy IMO.

I agree if they give a huge contract to Nicks then Iupati is gone when his contract is up in a few years.
Good post.

I think any Nicks/Grubbs pick up will be too coost prohibitive. I agree they'd be awesome.

I really like the Garson pick.

also like Fleener, Quick.
Originally posted by valrod33:
Crabtree aint going anywhere, we got him for 3 more years

No1 WR's next year will be VD 1A and Fleener 1B. Crabtree probably won't be traded but I could see it if he doesn't improve more. He might even improve and be closer to a number one. I also said there were other ways to get more picks.
Quick will be the future no 1 in a couple years.
I think we'd keep Haralson with a pay cut or else replace with some one else maybe even Lawson. I had a later pick at OLB also..
Kilgore is the center in the future.
We will spend less money on WR's and QB and more on OL including Iupati.
Gore wears out in the 2nd half of the season even with Hunter. We need another starter to be a running team.

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this is the only scenario i would be ok with draftring fleener, royal and garcon in fa. i really doubt walker gets pushed down by fleener. walker is way more athletic
Walker wouldn't be in 2 TE sets as much. In 3TE, he would be on the field. I think this frees up Walker to play everywhere. You can put him at WR especially the slot and in motion. He'll line up at wingback and FB. Byham will take Norris's spot on the roster and move around also.
I think you see one of them instead of Soap at FB. There was also the formation with Soap and J Smith lined up to the right just off the line of scrimage. This year it will be Walker and Byham and they''ll be able to pass out of it.
I love the Fleener pick.......yup with Fleener and V.Davis we'll have a more dominant TE dual than Grankowski-Hernandez from the Patriots which is by far the best TE dual in this past season, they were unstopable. We already have the best ILB dual in the league with Willis and Bowman, why not have the best TE dual in the league too....damn i hope we really draft Fleener in the first round.
If we are talking dream off season I like what you have here with a few small changes. I wouldnt make a play for another gaurd at that kind of money. We have a couple of guys in development and Snyder has proven he is capable of holding down the job until they are ready. I would however use that 4th rounder to pick up another guy just in case (somebody raw with a lot of potential). Also I cant see letting Haralson walk, he will have to be demoted to back up, but we simply cannot go through another season with only one back up at OLB and under your plan that one backup would be a rookie 5th round pick...that simply cannot happen. Last little thing is I am not sure if we can land Carlos at that dollar figure, I hope I am wrong but...if we cant he will have to be allowed to walk. If that occurs I would sign a depth guy in free agency and swap the position of your RB and CB in the draft.

Either way your offseason would be one for the ages if by some miracle our front office pulled it off...
Originally posted by tohara3:

I don't understand why everybody is trying to get rid of crabs, he was our best receiver last year and can only get better
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