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Eric Page All American WR, KR Toledo

Lets get some depth in the KR game. Nuff said. I think hell go between the 3rd and 6th round, no real way to tell yet without seeing him at the combine.
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This guy is a beast. He torched Ohio State's top 10 D this season. I would love him on our team.

There was an ongoing joke in Ohio that the Buckeyes would have been undefeated if they had Toledo's offense.
Not bad
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Eric Page our Jordan White get my vote for late round WR :D
Page is going to be one of the better players comming out of this draft when all is said and done. Ive seen this kid for all 3 years of his career at UT. I was alittle shocked when he decided to enter the NFL draft, seeing as he is only 43 catches from being the all time leader in receptions in NCAA history. I am hoping we draft him because hes not only a great player hes also a good person and he would make a great 49er.
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