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Webzone Scouting Reports 2012: Offense

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T.Y. Hilton WR Florida International

Size: Hilton is short (less than 6 feet tall) and has a wiry frame. He is skinny but athletic looking a la DeSean Jackson but with a little more bulk.

Speed/Quickness: Hilton does not have elite speed but is rarely caught from behind. His quickness and elusiveness is absolutely elite. He can change directions effortlessly and accelerates extremely well.

Receiving: Hilton is a natural receiver/pass catcher. He plucks balls out of the air with his hands just like you should and is able to turn it up field without wasting time/motion. He hasn't had to run many routes and will need to improve at his route running but he already shows a natural feel for setting up defenders with headfakes. His quickness will really let him excel as a route runner imo.

Overview: Hilton looks like a steal waiting to happen. He can come in early in his career and help a team in a variety of ways. Looks like a plus returner in the NFL and a really good slot receiver who will have the chance to grow into a bigger role as he develops and refines his game.

Originally posted by kush:
Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina
6'3", 216 lbs


Hands- Has big, strong hands and is a very natural catcher. Jeffery has this uncanny ability to square up a throw, putting himself in the best position possible to make a catch.
Highpointing the ball- Jeffery not only squares up the ball very well, but he has the leaping ability and elite body control to go up over defenders time and time again, both in the red zone and down the field on vertical routes.
Size- Jeffery towers over most corners and safeties and really uses his size to his advantage. He is great at boxing defenders out to make a contested catch.
Open field running- While Jeffery lacks elite straight line speed, he is very explosive and powerful with the ball in his hands in the open field. He gets upfield quickly and is generally hard to take down.


Straight-line speed- He is not slow by any means, but much like Fitz he is not a straight line burner who is going to run by every corner.
Route-running- Like most college wr's he hasn't been asked to run a full route tree and will require work at the next level.


It will surprise me if Jeffery is not an immediate starter and contributor at the next level. While he needs to refine his route running, his ball skills and body control are elite and arguably better than any other prospect in this draft class. He will have a serious chance to be an immediate red zone and vertical threat.

Had to dust off these old posts in honor of Alshon killing it this season
Had we drafted him, would Alshon even been in the game plan w/Roman?
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Had we drafted him, would Alshon even been in the game plan w/Roman?

Yes. Count me in the "Baldwin, Jenkins, Williams and Moore are garbage"-crowd. Jeffery is a QBs dream and no doubt Kap, Roman and Harbs wld notice it after a year or two lol
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